Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I uploaded this picture a few weeks ago on Instagram but I thought I would share it on here too :)
I had just landed back in the UK after my holidays and I was so excited. I love England & to be honest, I was a little sick of the sunshine.

ASOS Hat | £18.00
Boohoo Striped Crop Top (alternative) | £8.00
ASOS Acid Wash Jeans (alternative) | £38.00
White Converse | £47.99

Grace x

Monday, 18 August 2014


So I wanted to share with you the three items I used religiously whilst holidaying in Turkey & Tenerife. I am the biggest sun worshipper ever but I also love taking care of my skin so these are products that helped me do both.

I really enjoyed using this lotion on my holidays. The twisty nozzle is really cool (but please remember to re-twist it after use, before putting in your beach bag - you might have a sun cream explosion if you don't). I absolutely LOVE the smell of sun cream and this definitely lives up to my nostril expectations. The application is pretty damn beautiful too. The texture is creamy yet light and sinks into the skin with no greasy finish. I actually love this as a moisturiser - it leaves such a lovely sheen on the skin & makes my skin feel and look hydrated.

Now, every year except this year I have gone without face protection, eeek. If I felt my face burning or becoming irritated I would just wack on whatever sun lotion I was using at that time, & every year I would moan because of holiday breakouts. I just never thought to use a normal moisturiser with a high SPF in it. (I AM THE WORST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD) Luckily enough for me, a few months back this beauty landed on my front door and I am so happy because it is just amazing. I particularly love it because a small amount goes a long way and darling, the proof is in the pudding. I used it everyday, multiple times a day for the entire month of July and it is still going strong. This moisturiser doesn't break me out and it isn't greasy at all. It blends so lovely under the skin and is soothing too. I have oily to combination skin just incase you're wandering. 

I actually bought this in duty free after it was completely sold to me. I am that girl. "Enhances your tan, makes your tan deeper, makes your tan last longer, helps to make your tan golden".. Of course I am going to buy it. I love love love the idea of after sun. The cooling application on my sun exposed skin just feels so amazing after a hot shower and if its going to help keep my tan longer, then fantabulous. I used this every single day whilst in Tenerife and although I loved using it, I haven't really noticed if it has helped make my tan last? I suppose I will know in a few months time because my tan lasts for pretty long anyway. This tan really did help with cooling my skin down in the evening time though & I am still using it now. 

I get so many questions on my Instagram page about how I tan so well. These are the products I use, as well as the Piz Buin Tan Accelerating Spray which helps me cook like a chicken and go extremely brown ;)

Grace x


So that is it. My holiday style diaries are over and now that I have shown you these snaps from Turkey, my holiday posts are done and dusted. I hope you enjoyed the holiday take over throughout the past month or so. I have enjoyed travelling and I hope to do some weekend breaks in the near future. I am loving blogging at the moment and I'm so happy with how far has come.

If you want to leave any blogpost requests then feel free :) 

Have a great week!

Grace x

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