Monday, 1 September 2014


Okay, I am the worst blogger ever. You can kill me, I give you permission too. I have neglected this and my youtube channel for the past month or so, but I have taken the P over the last week. I think you can tell because my last post was in fact, 'my week in photos #6' lol. Things have just been a little crazy - I mentioned last week about my new guy & crazy work schedules etc etc but this week was just insane.

1. So in my last post I introduced you to Simon - the new man in my life. We've been dating for a while and like I said I have known him since March time. Well, I am super excited to tell you that he is now officially my boyfriend, my boo thang, my man, whatever you wanna call it, he is mine muahahahaha, lol. We became official on my birthday :) I won't go into the details as to how it happened, but I am very, very happy. PS - I am cringing as I type this but I can't help but smile.

2. I drove up to Manchester this week as I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Public Desire - which was incredible. The event was held in the Artisun Bar in Spinningfields and it had the most amazing decor & can I also add, the cocktails were divine. I had such a wonderful time with my blogger babes & it was so lovely to get away from my area for a while. I also had a meet up during the afternoon and I wanted to say a massive thank you to all the subscribers who came to see me. The cards, the chocolate, your kind words and all the hugs. Love you guys!

3. I turned 24 this week! If I'm honest, I don't usually enjoy my birthdays. I'm not sure why, but my birthday's are always full of drama and stuff. However, this year was different and I was really happy and content. I will obviously do an OOTD post but this is what I wore. I had such a lovely day with Simon (even though we were sat in traffic, driving back from Manchester) lol. The evening was celebrated with my family at my favourite Chinese place. For more birthday antics you can view my weekly vlog videos on Youtube!

4. So, on 30th August I held my London meet up with my friend Mike Hough :) the turn out was absolutely INSANE!!!! I met old subscribers, new subscribers, subscribers who had travelled 6 hours to meet me & subscribers who had been on the same journey as me. All of your friendly faces, your stories, I can't believe you all watch me. I am so inspired to work even harder this year because I cannot thank you all enough for the support. It was the best day everrrrrrrr & I can't wait to read all of your cards and letters. Thank you for keeping me strong for the best 3 years. x

For more pictures of what I get up to, make sure to follow my Instagram

So thats it. In a small little round up, that's what I've been getting up too this week. Have an amazing week and normal posts will resume from now - I promise!

Grace x

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I haven't blogged in nearly a week (slaps wrist). I usually update this every day but life has suddenly became extremely busy so I just haven't had time. I haven't been at home much, with an ever growing social life, work commitments & a new love interest blooming, I have been completely out of the blogging scene. I wanted to make an appearance today with a little life update as some things have been changing and I'm excited to share.

- So last week Saturday I held a little meet up in Kent. It was in Chatham, which is one of the most random places on earth. I held it there because my friend Mike Hough was performing there so we thought we would invite people down to come and say hi. I didn't expect a great turn out due to the location, but a few lovely people came and said hello. I met these two girls in particular who were just utterly cute & stayed for a few hours. We spoke about fat days, boys & food. Loved them.

- Me and my family have been umming and ahhring for months whether or not to buy a dog. My little sister Charleigh has had a phobia of dogs ever since she was attacked by two when she was little. That was the main reason we held off for so long. Until a few Sundays ago a cute little Jack Russell appeared in our local paper and we instantly fell in love. I went to pick him up and I knew straight away we just had to have him. We named him Snickers and he has already grown so much since that photo. He is so naughty but also so loving. He fits right in with my family.

- My shoe collection is now at that stage where I forget what shoes I own, because I have too many. I should be ashamed but I'm not. I also should stop collecting shoes, but I don't lol. These shoes are simply amazing and I am so lucky to also have them in the white and black colourway. These were kindly sent to me from Daniel Footwear  and the only word to describe them is RIDICULOUS. I have never seen a pair of shoes like these. They are just insane. Every shoe addicts dream I tell ya!

- So this is Simon. I haven't introduced him to my blog yet - but he has spread like wildfire on my Instagram and Twitter. We've been dating for a month or so now but I've known him since March. He's the drummer for my friend Mike Hough - and thats how we met. He makes me laugh ALL the time & I feel so lucky. I haven't had the best time with guys and love and all of that stuff (cringe lol). I've been single for two years now so its nice to have someone who is accepting and caring. We spend a lot of time together and this photo of him just makes me smile. We were in Tesco buying popcorn and we were just laughing at the stupidest things. He's awesome!

How are things for you guys? Update me on your lives too!

Friday, 22 August 2014


A few weeks ago I was contacted by the team at Cloggs to be sent some shoes. I had been lusting over some red converse's for months so I felt like this was fate & I knew straight away that these would be my item of choice. Aren't they just so beautiful. I own a few other pairs but these ones I feel are the most classic. I always spot red converse in old school films from back in the 90s so I feel like I've gone right back to my childhood. I think they look so sick with jeans and trackies and can add a pop of colour to a plain jane outfit too. I love!

Grace x

Thursday, 21 August 2014


So a month or so back I saw Megan's post called 'Project Bare All' and when it first went live I was sat on a beach drinking a smoothie. Due to poor wifi I couldn't read the post until a few weeks later, but the title alone caught my attention. 

I hid myself away from the world for such a long time and it was my mission a few years ago to learn to love myself, even at my worst. I am extremely comfortable wearing zero makeup - so much so that I spend more time bare faced than I do wearing it. I haven't always been this way though.

Here's my story.. 

(no makeup selfie)

Growing up I was a bit of tomboy. Dancing was my thing so tracksuits and trainers were my everyday attire and that was me. I never really thought about makeup, but I also didn't have any people around me who were really into it. My mum was and still is a tomboy - I think her makeup bag consists of mascara, bronzer and an eye cream. She's pretty simple in that sense. I was always very conscious of how I looked body wise, but I have never felt too insecure about my face. That was until year 9 happened & everything changed. 

13 years old, bored in Maths class (I used to misbehave a tad) and out comes the makeup. My friends at the time were in the popular crowd (they decided to become my friend after hating me and calling me names in year 7 & 8, I guess I kinda went with it). They were all into makeup & boys etc etc.. The complete opposite to me. They were all re-applying their makeup, adding a few touch ups here and there when I was asked if I wanted my makeup done. Im laughing as I write this because I remember it like it was yesterday. Natalie pulled out this Bourjois eyeshadow which became my favourite for many years to come and this Loreal mascara. I stared into her little mirror and thought 'so this is what wearing makeup feels like'. I wasn't that impressed and I didn't feel like I looked any different, I just remember thinking my eyes looked brighter and sparklier.. That is where it began. 

As the months and years went on my small makeup bag grew and grew and I mostly dabbled in different mascara's and bronzers. Looking back I had absolutely no idea what I was buying, what it was supposed to do and how to apply it, but I liked the idea of getting ready in the mornings haha, a bit like I do now. I hated wearing foundation, but teenage skin can only mean one thing - spots. I tried my best to cover them up but nothing seemed to work. What I didn't realise was that the cheap foundations I was wearing, was more than likely the reason for my spots in the first place. Other than hormones and being a teenager of course. Behind the obvious reasons for wearing makeup, I also began to use it as a mask. I had so many issues going on that people didn't know about that getting up in the morning and putting on a pretence, was sort of my routine. So thats what I did. I wore a smile and I put on my lipstick and I lied to everyone - even myself.

When I was 17, my spots were verging on acne. They were so sore and red and my skin felt so irritated ALL the time. I decided to stop wearing makeup in the house so with that & a few skin peels here and there, my skin finally began to clear up. It was back to my favourite eyeshadow and mascara, but I was still living one big lie. If you didn't know, 12 years ago I developed an eating disorder and I started self harming. I was picked on in school, I had family problems and I was painfully unhappy. I guess it was easier for me to take it out on myself than it was asking for help and speaking up. Luckily for me I found strength, but it was many years later.

I don't know when the day happened where I said "I don't need to wear makeup', I think it was more of a gradual thing. But since leaving therapy in 2012 I have grown increasingly confident within myself. I think life lessons, growth, age & personal experiences have changed my outlook on things and have shown me whats really important in this world. I love myself now and although it took me bloody ages & I am still on that journey, I actually enjoy being makeup free. I am my most comfortable in trackies, a hoodie and a clean face. I started to not care about what people thought of me, if I like me and I love me then thats all that matters right? I think comments from my readers, my friends and my subscribers also helped me to feel confident makeup free too. 

I guess I've just grown to keep it real. I don't really sugar coat anything. If I have an opinion on something or I have something to say, I will voice it. Us women need to empower one another because together we are unstoppable. I love seeing my friends bare faced, or other bloggers, even celebrities. Young girls and boys need to see that. That is REAL. What isn't real are the air brushed people in magazines, and the perfect bodies you see in films. Yes - that is beautiful to look at, but so are freckles & stretch marks & other little imperfections too.

Ladies (and men) be proud of who you are.. who you REALLY are and embrace yourself, bare faced and all. If I can do it, so can you.

Grace x

I would like to say a huge thankyou to Megan for asking me to do this post & for also being an absolutely beautiful, inspiring lady. Megan, you support me day in and day out & I am so glad we are friends. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I uploaded this picture a few weeks ago on Instagram but I thought I would share it on here too :)
I had just landed back in the UK after my holidays and I was so excited. I love England & to be honest, I was a little sick of the sunshine.

ASOS Hat | £18.00
Boohoo Striped Crop Top (alternative) | £8.00
ASOS Acid Wash Jeans (alternative) | £38.00
White Converse | £47.99

Grace x

Monday, 18 August 2014


So I wanted to share with you the three items I used religiously whilst holidaying in Turkey & Tenerife. I am the biggest sun worshipper ever but I also love taking care of my skin so these are products that helped me do both.

I really enjoyed using this lotion on my holidays. The twisty nozzle is really cool (but please remember to re-twist it after use, before putting in your beach bag - you might have a sun cream explosion if you don't). I absolutely LOVE the smell of sun cream and this definitely lives up to my nostril expectations. The application is pretty damn beautiful too. The texture is creamy yet light and sinks into the skin with no greasy finish. I actually love this as a moisturiser - it leaves such a lovely sheen on the skin & makes my skin feel and look hydrated.

Now, every year except this year I have gone without face protection, eeek. If I felt my face burning or becoming irritated I would just wack on whatever sun lotion I was using at that time, & every year I would moan because of holiday breakouts. I just never thought to use a normal moisturiser with a high SPF in it. (I AM THE WORST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD) Luckily enough for me, a few months back this beauty landed on my front door and I am so happy because it is just amazing. I particularly love it because a small amount goes a long way and darling, the proof is in the pudding. I used it everyday, multiple times a day for the entire month of July and it is still going strong. This moisturiser doesn't break me out and it isn't greasy at all. It blends so lovely under the skin and is soothing too. I have oily to combination skin just incase you're wandering. 

I actually bought this in duty free after it was completely sold to me. I am that girl. "Enhances your tan, makes your tan deeper, makes your tan last longer, helps to make your tan golden".. Of course I am going to buy it. I love love love the idea of after sun. The cooling application on my sun exposed skin just feels so amazing after a hot shower and if its going to help keep my tan longer, then fantabulous. I used this every single day whilst in Tenerife and although I loved using it, I haven't really noticed if it has helped make my tan last? I suppose I will know in a few months time because my tan lasts for pretty long anyway. This tan really did help with cooling my skin down in the evening time though & I am still using it now. 

I get so many questions on my Instagram page about how I tan so well. These are the products I use, as well as the Piz Buin Tan Accelerating Spray which helps me cook like a chicken and go extremely brown ;)

Grace x


So that is it. My holiday style diaries are over and now that I have shown you these snaps from Turkey, my holiday posts are done and dusted. I hope you enjoyed the holiday take over throughout the past month or so. I have enjoyed travelling and I hope to do some weekend breaks in the near future. I am loving blogging at the moment and I'm so happy with how far has come.

If you want to leave any blogpost requests then feel free :) 

Have a great week!

Grace x

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