The world has slowed down and the pace in which we were once operating at, can't be visited again. As a society anxiety is through the roof, we are navigating life through unprocessed trauma and there are more people unhappy than there is happy. Self isolation has made me reflect deeply on what I want to do with my time moving forward and deepening my connection with well-being is one of them.

I hope you enjoy this post.x

    1. Listen To High Vibrational Music; did you know that certain frequencies work with the cells and energy within your body? There is a frequency for everything. From helping to relieve headaches, to supporting your heart through pain and any difficult experiences you might be facing. Music can do so much more than just uplift us, it can literally heal. I have a playlist for healing frequencies which you can listen to here. Now, some of the tracks may sound like spa music lol but obviously skip the ones that don't resonate. I personally love 432hz for overall healing and to deepen my spiritual connections.
    2. Watch 'Heal' On Netflix; a beautiful documentary that highlights different holistic healing modalities based on real life studies. Watch with an open mind because it delves into chronic diseases as well as cancer and other physical ailments that are deemed untreatable. I watched it many years ago and it didn't quite hit the same as when I re-watched it a few months ago - maybe because I am less rigid and rational with my thinking? Who knows! It shines a BRIGHT light on the connection between physical issues and our emotional states. Give it a watch!
    3. Cleanse Your Space; something I do almost daily as part of my morning routine. You can use incense, some water mixed with essential oils, or simply open all the windows and lift the vibrations with music (see tip 1). Reseting the energy around you can help your plants grow, can create a calmer, more peaceful environment which ultimately creates calm and peace within you, AND it can also boost your energy centres.
    4. Do A Chakra Balance Meditation; the Western world is so focused on how we look physically, but barely anyone does soul and/or spirit work. We are also now becoming increasingly aware of our minds, but what about the subtle body and the things we hold onto that we can't always see? Chakra's are the 7 points of energy within us that relate to different things. From our heart chakra to our root chakra - these points have their own colours, affirmations and so on. Most of us have blocked chakra's for many different reasons (my root chakra is fucked lol), but these can be unblocked with attention and intention using meditation. There are HUNDREDS of chakra balancing meditations you can do on Youtube for free. Blocked chakra's can lead to stagnation and physical and emotional pain. They are important! Don't ignore them!
    5. Walk bare foot on the grass; sounds a bit crazy, but this shit works! If you feel spacey, racy or in need of support, use the Earth. Like everything else, nature has its own vibration and its vibration is clear, grounding and completely under-utilised. Get outside and connect to the very thing you are apart of but have forgotten. Nature improves mood, reduces feelings of anger and stress, as well as improving feelings of connection and calm.
    6. Pray before bedtime; prayer isn't just for the religious - I pray more now than when I did as a child going to her local Christian Group (yes that happened lol). I view prayer as a way to listen, speak and connect. I ask, I give thanks, I allow myself to be honest and I find praying for bed is a way to reflect on the day and then leave it where it is.
    7. Spend 10mins doing absolutely nothing; this is harder than you would think. Sitting down with ZERO stimulation feels alien and a tiny bit anxiety inducing for some, but the benefits make it worth it. Just 10mins down time to breathe and welcome some quiet can alleviate stress and allow you to recenter. This is especially important if you live in a busy household or work in a highly stimulating environment (like an office with lots of noise and lights). During this 10min recenter, try not to listen to music, read or scroll on your phone. Just let your brain breathe!