The Coronavirus pandemic and this new way of life has enabled me to take a step back and really think about what I want from life.

I have been so resistant to change and 'levelling up' with my content (and entire life tbh) because 1. I'm hella comfortable and 2. I'm afraid of what others will think. 

And whilst I love fashion and beauty, there is a facet of myself that is dying to come out, and I guess this post is the first step into a new direction.


Wellness for me isn't just made up of therapy sessions and meditations. Feeling well and whole within myself is also about finding magic in everyday life, especially right now with all of us self isolating and spending more and more time at home.

As humans, we NEED connection; to ourselves, to other people and to nature, in order to navigate life in a more balanced way.

The Moon or as I like to call her, Mama Moon is a feminine energy connected deeply to our emotions and our cyclic energy (periods being one of them). Mama Moon is one of my favourite creations. I feel connected to her energy and I am in awe of how she takes shape, changes constantly and how she illuminates. If you would like an in-depth post all about the moon then let me know, but as for now, let's talk about the lunar phase of the 'New Moon'.

On April 22nd we have the next New Moon - in the earthy and stubborn sign of Taurus. This New Moon also falls on Earth Day which I think is pretty significant, but more about that later. A New Moon means that the Moon has ended its circle of the Earth and the Moon, Sun and Earth are all positioned in a line.

The New Moon represents beginning again and the start of something new. The energy of the Moon is powerful and potent, especially around this time and of course, a Full Moon. When Mama Moon is renewed, so are we. This is the opportunity to start a new project, birth new ideas and if you're going through a difficult time or you're simply bored of life, a chance to change the direction you are currently on. The Moon can move oceans, so it can absolutely move and shift us towards what we set our intentions on. The energy of the New Moon is about setting goals, writing lists of things you'd like to manifest, as well as giving thanks to what has been.

You can tap into the new moon energy by breathing deeply and sitting still. In doing this, you're allowing yourself to feel the connection to the Divine and the magical energetic field of Mama Moon.

Once you've tapped in, you may feel certain words, colours, phrases or emotions arise. On a more advanced astrology level, the impact of the New Moon energy can also be dependant on the zodiac sign she is in. For example, if the New Moon is in Virgo, you may feel inclined to start new organisation projects, because Virgo is the sign of cleanliness and being incredibly organised. Nonetheless, every New Moon means beginning again which is the most important thing.

Connecting to yourself more spiritually means listening to your intuition and allowing it to guide you, so whatever you feel during lunar phases is A-OKAY. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to these kinds of rituals and practices, but for harnessing any type of energy it is always good to Google things and/or work with professionals. I also suggest following Astrologers on social media if you would like to learn more about Astrology. A few of my favourites are Milk, The Meccanism, AstroBebs and Astrobee!

New Moon Ritual

To harness this beautiful renewing energy, there are a few things you can do. These are rituals that I enjoy doing, but again, use your own intuition and let it guide you. Trust that you have the capability within you because you really do.

Cleanse: In order to centre and align yourself to the New Moon energy, you can smudge your physical space and your aura. Do this with salt, incense, Florida Water, sage or essential oils. My favourite essential oils for cleansing are lemon and grapefruit. You can diffuse these for your surroundings, and for yourself, you can put a few drops into a bath. Bath's under the Moon are always extra special. Add Pink Himalayan Salt to bring in self love and compassion energy!

Connect: A super simple way to connect is to journal how you feel and make a list of goals you'd like to work on and achieve. You can also use the elements for this too. I often light candles and visualise my goals within the flame. Fire is powerful and it helps me to remember my own power and ability to cultivate anything I want for myself. Remember to make your intentions clear and precise - the Universe can't respond to indecisiveness.

Create: In order for your desires to manifest, you have to actively work towards them in the physical sense - the Universe is handling the rest. Our purpose on Earth is to feel and experience, and for achieving those things, we must use our creative energy. For example, if a goal you have jotted down is 'get the part in the play I'm auditioning for', make sure you are practising your lines etc. You give life what you give energy to. And you also elevate your life when you show gratitude.

So there we have it. A little (or a lot) of information about harnessing the New Moon energy. It was lovely to write, so I hope you find it useful and lovely to read too! There is so much information available, so just stay open and ready to receive all the beauty that is out there.