To the fat girl in the bikini,

As your thighs jiggle and your belly wobbles, there will be people who don't understand you. They just don't get it. They cannot fathom that anyone, let alone a fat girl, can be so free. They will stare and my god will you feel their glares. They'll look at you eating, swimming, laughing and dancing. To them, you truly are an anomaly. You stand out, even if you don't particularly want to. Maybe you feel a bit insecure, but that's okay. Unfortunately, the world didn't prepare for the fat girl revolution, but that's none of your business. It isn't down to you to explain yourself, to conform, to play the part someone else assigned to you, so don't you dare give in. They might even whisper or point and maybe they'll laugh but in those moments, please remember who you are. Your weight does not define you and your size is the most irrelevant thing about you. You're interesting. You have opinions and a voice and you're a damn good person. You're talented, and maybe you don't even know why yet but I hope you know your worth. You're worth a thousand of those people who put you down so hold your head up. Hold your head high. Be kind to yourself, even when other's aren't and I hope right now, you're surrounded by people who make you feel like the Queen you are and if not, I am with you. In solidarity I have your back. To the fat girl in the bikini, you look incredible and if you don't feel that way, you still are. The shame you feel isn't yours to carry anymore and the pain you feel isn't yours to hold. It's heavy isn't it. Let it go. I won't say you're brave, because you're not. There is nothing brave about wearing a bikini in a larger body. But you are courageous. You have courage to keep fucking going when your body is up for debate. I hope you never shrink yourself for other people. Don't disappear and do not be quiet. Be loud and proud and remain in your power. Do not apologise for your fatness, for your confidence, for your life. Do not say sorry that you aren't smaller, thinner, lighter. You are you right now and that's it. Period. You are worthy of love, kindness and respect regardless of how many rolls are hanging out of your bikini. Your tummy looks cute btw. So fuck it and fuck them. Life is for living and it is far too shoot not to wear the bikini, so wear it with pride.

To the fat girl in the bikini, thank you. Thank you for being a fresh of breath air when I find it hard to breathe. Thank you for making me feel seen. You're beautiful and not because you're fat, but because you just are.