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Over the past few months I have read a few posts discussing the demise of blogging. It is definitely a topic of conversation on Twitter and I guess it got me thinking.

Blogging is still one of my favourite ways to share content. I love shooting photos, compiling a post and then hitting publish. It may be because this platform for me is still very much mine - with few ads, and zero input from my management.

It is the place I feel safest to talk about certain things without judgement or misinterpretation.

My love for blogging has increased pretty dramatically over the years. 2016 was the year of finding my voice and since then, I feel like I have really cemented my content and as I've grown, its grown with me.

So when the conversations of 'are blogs dead' started - I slightly freaked out. Firstly because I just love blogging so much, secondly because my new blog design is costing me 2 months rent lol and thirdly, because I genuinely believe there will always be a future for blogging and I hope I'm not alone in thinking that?


Not to hurt anyone's feelings but the marble, rose gold, IKEA plant pot loving, pink lipstick obsessive, peonies, tulips and avocado on toast blogs maybe becoming a thing of the past. And that isn't because there isn't a place for them (although the over-saturation of these cliches can be rather boring at times), but maybe because content like that is so readily available on Instagram.

Instagram has gone boom! It's always been a favourite platform for people, but as of late, it has taken an even bigger shift in how we produce and consume content. It is the place of flat lays, breakfast shots and the quickest way to buy a fashion bloggers entire outfit.

The even faster consumerism says a lot about attention spans and the constant need for more.

I definitely click on those swipe ups, flick through everyone's stories whilst having my morning poo AND, I myself shoot content solely for Instagram as my engagement on the platform is at an all time high.

I feel that beauty blogging is definitely on the demise, and I guess blogs who fit a certain mould that people have had enough of seeing. Nowadays people are seeking opinions, diversity, empowering content and just more than 'hello here is my favourite lipstick'. Instagram is now the place for short, micro posts that can be executed on your morning commute or when you're slightly drink on a Thursday night, but does that mean blogging has come to an end? I don't think so. It just means blogging has come to an end for certain content, but not all of it.


Whilst a lot of bloggers have spoken about the decrease in engagement via their blogs, I have to say that overall my engagement has been pretty steady. Some posts do better than others, but that is how its always been. I think its also important for me to say that blogging has never been my main platform, and over the years I have adapted to creating and making money in lots of different ways and I guess thats what needs to happen across the board going forward.

 Blogging in my opinion is still needed for thought-out, slightly more time consuming content. No, I don't read as many blogs as I used to, but the posts that I do read are bloody amazing, engaging and usually inspire me in someway. I gravitate towards bloggers and content that has meaning, and has something behind it that makes me think. Vix Meldrew and Chloe Plumstead are two people who do this exceptionally well, and they are both SO different in photography, writing style and overall content.

I'm not here to shit on anyone's content and who am I to say that beauty blogs are over with, but with observation of my own content, and seeing how others engage with the likes of Vix and Chloe, it is clear to see that there is 100% more of a need for content with substance. This isn't to say that nobody cares about Nars Sheer Glow Foundation lol or Charlotte Tilbury's new launch, but I guess now is the time to think about how you incorporate what you love,
into engaged and decent content.

Does that make sense?


I actually think we are heading into really exciting times for the blogging industry. Micro bloggers (not sure if I like that term but I'ma use it nonetheless lol) are killing it, opinion based posts are a breath of fresh air, and voices of marginalised people are finally starting to be truly heard.

This shift is what I've been waiting for since blogging began lol, and instead of being annoyed or disheartened, I believe we should embrace it and learn from it.

Let's face it, we all started blogs to share our passions and in the beginning all of us had about 5 followers and 45 page views lol. We still loved it, we still did it, and we were still grateful. Yes times have changed and there is pressure from all areas to be the best, be the most engaged, take the best photos etc. But if you're making content that has depth, has humour and has your fucking personality, even if the post IS about a razor or Rimmel's new mascara - people will pay attention.

Blogging has had a shake up. Use it to inspire you.


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  1. 23rd April 2018 / 3:21 pm

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Everything you’ve said…yes!
    I’ve seen so many posts leaning towards the end of blogging but I think it’s more an end of a phase of blogging. There was such a heavy lean toward beauty and you’re so right that now there is all the emphasize on thought out posts.
    You are one of those girls that I always read long form posts on because you put across your thought and opinions across so well.
    Great post, you’ve written out exactly what I was thinking!


  2. 23rd April 2018 / 4:29 pm

    OMG YES!
    Blogging has definitely changed over the years and I don’t read as many blogs as I use to but that’s because not as many people dedicate their time to them. People think of blogging as a quick and easy way to get to fame and it is so not that. I am looking forward to this next shift. I love thoughtful well written pieces and I hope to grow that way myself.

  3. 23rd April 2018 / 4:31 pm

    Grace, honestly I’ve just posted about this myself and I’m so sick of hearing it. I agree with you, it’s a matter of content styles rather than the industry as a whole. Personally I believe even if you’re pushing micro content on instagram & other social media platforms, having a blog will always be an amazing base for you to keep all your work on your own terms. Especially for someone like you who works on multiple projects. You won’t be censored on your own website, or suddenly blocked out for posting the wrong thing; it’s a safe haven. I’ve written about this myself and the example I gave was Vine – imagine working hard to build your following and content backlog on a social media platform, only for it to suddenly be put in a digital graveyard that no one has access to. Long live blogging.

  4. 23rd April 2018 / 4:40 pm

    It is a shame that it is becoming less popular, Instagram has just become so easy and convenient for people to like and view content. Hopefully blogging won’t completely disappear!

  5. 24th April 2018 / 2:03 pm

    I absolutely love how your blog is always what is on everyone’s mind and you execute it so flawlessly. I love this!

  6. 25th April 2018 / 10:04 am

    I love this post! As a new blogger who read blogs for years before starting my own. I totally agree about the beauty blog! So many things are happening in the world now that we all have opinions on. Our blogs are our voice and we can use that to empower. Motivate and make a positive change. I’m still going to read a FentyBeauty post but I’d much rather look at an empowering or message post nowadays.

  7. 26th April 2018 / 7:25 pm

    YES YES YES, I love this post Grace, it’s brilliant! I couldn’t agree more with everything that you have said. I’m a disabled blogger and I blog about all things disability and lifestyle, I often feel overlooked and like I don’t fit in the blogosphere because I’m not your average blogger, my blog is something different and something that people can relate to and look to as a source of information. I’d rather read the real, honest posts though! Thank you for this post, it’s given me reassurance xx

  8. 30th April 2018 / 11:19 am

    I agree with absolutely everything you’ve said here. I feel quite fortunate that my blog views/visitors haven’t decreased, but rather increased over the last few months – even whilst I took a 3 month hiatus from it. I love writing and blogging is always going to be my favourite way of talking about topics important to me, topics that I enjoy reading. It’s sad that people think it’s declining x

  9. 9th May 2018 / 7:53 am

    I also find myself being drawn more towards posts that have substance and maybe a title that I think i will disagree with as I like to read both sides of the “argument” as they say. However, I still look for those beauty reviews as I now don’t like buying a beauty product without it getting at least 4 stars from my favourite beauty blogger… I just trust the product more.

    I defiantly think you have to put your own personality into your writing. It makes for much more interesting posts.

    Always love what you write Grace

    Much Love


  10. 9th July 2018 / 11:48 pm

    I’ve read a couple of your posts and it definitely inspires me to write more freely about my life vs. trying to be this kind of “expert” on fashion. Currently trying to find my voice so that’s a work in progress. It’s so funny how I just stumbled onto your page when looking up “how to pitch to brands for collaborations” and 5 posts later I’m here! LOL Great post love! 🙂

  11. 7th February 2019 / 2:22 pm

    I absolutely agree with you. My heart skipped something when I read that title.

  12. 24th July 2019 / 12:55 pm

    It’s a nice article, well poetryed.
    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Mayur Jadhav

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