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Two weeks ago I did something thats A. Exciting and B. Spontaneous.

I started #healgrowglow and @healgrowglow.

Firstly, starting some new and fresh and exciting has been bubbling under the surface for a while. I've been asking the universe for a sign about what's next for me and I guess this is it. In fact, I KNOW THIS IS IT. I wouldn't say that I've been bored, but since the start of the year, I have definitely been feeling a little disinterested in certain areas of my life. Whilst I love what I do, I've definitely felt like I needed something else to get my teeth stuck into. A new hobby perhaps? Or maybe just a shift in how I do what I do and a new way to connect and spread my message.

You may have seen a lot of blog posts flying around about the 'future of blogging' or 'are blogs dead' etc etc. Whilst I agree there is a need for these conversations, I also feel like with the right voice and ability to engage with your audience - blogs will always be needed. Yes faster and more accessible content is sometimes favoured (instagram), but I believe its important to still create thought out content, and for us all to still be able to read something that's more than just a paragraph long. Youtube is Youtube and you are all probably aware of my thoughts and feelings surrounding it, so I wanted to do something that is different, that is simple, but is also true to who I am and easily accessible to anyone who needs it.

I sat on these feelings of 'I have no idea what I want to do anymore, and I don't know if this is still the career for me' for months and months. It was painful and a little scary but I knew it was a natural block to feel. My career has been progressing fast since 2015 & I guess it needed to slow down so that I could breathe, think and channel the energy I was feeling. Then bam... it came to me.


So yes, a few weeks back #healgrowglow @healgrowglow were born. Originally, it was just supposed to be a hashtag and then suddenly I thought 'why not an account too'.

My new baby, a movement if you wish, is my service to the world. It is what I believe, I am put on this earth to do and I am fucking excited - as you can imagine.

It is a community and a safe place to encourage healing. Healing from heartbreak to eating disorders, from a family breakdown to a physical illness. It is a place for people who want to heal from their trauma, grow through the aches and then move on to enter their glow. Did you see what I did there?

Heal Grow Glow is me in 3 words as described by my two friends Megan and Michelle (thanks guys haha). It is who I was, who I am becoming, but also it is who I am and the person I have been all along.

It is no secret that I have been on the most profound and incredible journey, from a scared and fearful girl, to a brave and liberated woman. My movement I guess, is now something that others can also experience and hopefully, become empowered by. I believe I am a bridge between the physical world and the spirit, and I am here to show people a different narrative - especially to ones who don't have access to this way of life anywhere else.

Heal Grow Glow is an extension of my heart and it is open for all who need it.

And although for now it is still a newborn, and just an online space, my aim is for it to grow and glow - just like I have. I would love for it to become group therapy sessions, a podcast, a sisterhood for all of us who are looking for the light. I would love for it to become in real life spaces for meditation, energy healing and talks with other incredible people who are willing to share their unveiling of truth.

I'm a Virgo - thinking big is just who I am LOL.

I hope you can join me on this incredibly exciting adventure.


With all that being said, I am also here to announce a few exciting things.

- The Heal Grow and Glow movement will be joining forces with WomanToWoman Project and The Recover Clinic. Emmy who is the founder and CEO of both, was the first person to help me heal and the roots of the knowledge that I now possess, are the basis of her holistic and spiritual treatment programmes. The Recover Clinic is the mother if you wish, and WomanToWomen Project is the daughter, and these are Emmy's service to the world, much like Heal Grow Glow is mine. Heal Grow Glow is the new born baby that will specifically focus on marginalised people and people who do not have the access and/or money to receive the incredible treatment and knowledge of holistic and spiritual healing. This is beyond exciting for me and I shall be working closely with Emmy and all of the wonderful people who were involved in my own healing journey. We chose this joint venture simply because it felt right. I have also been hearing you all say to me that you can't gain access to the right form of therapy and/or help that you believe you need. I hope Heal Grow Glow does for you what is intended.

- Secondly, in order to fulfil the true purpose of this movement, I need to make my knowledge official. So ya girl is going back to school (sort of lol). I will be doing various online courses, as well as working along side Emmy starting from September 2018. Although I know a lot, there is so much more for me to learn and its important to me that it is done right. The path I am choosing is 'intuitive healing' and I guess when I open up that door, more will open.

I don't think I've been this excited since the day I got signed my book deal which was October 2016 lol. I just can't wait to go out into the big wide world and experience everything it has to offer. The process of healing has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, and although I will always be healing and working and self improving - I am so incredibly happy to do it alongside other people.

So if you're not already following @healgrowglow #healgrowglow then please do. Watch this space.


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