Firstly, hello hi, how are you all?

If you hadn't noticed, my posts as of late have been few and far between.

I haven't been in the headspace to write, brand work went a little crazy a few weeks back which means all my deadlines have come at once, and I also went to New York for 5 days with my sister (which is where these delicious photos were shot by Lydia Hudgens).

So after a few days of shitty jet lag, a few weeks of being unmotivated and experiencing writers block, I'm finally sitting down on my sofa, candles burning, music playing and I'm attempting to get my ass back in da game.

Today's post is a little chat about a few things that have become important to me - for numerous reasons that I will share below.



My Spirituality And Beliefs
Ah. This is something I didn't really want to discuss, but with a natural progression into sharing insights of my beliefs on Twitter and Instagram, I thought I would speak about it on here. Firstly, trying to explain what I believe in and my journey with spirituality is so hard. I can't really articulate it because it is what it is, and its just a part of me. I guess I've always felt a connection to something that isn't in a physical form and over the last few years that connection has grown. I basically believe that soul and spirit are more important than the physical and that we are more than just humans; inner child, higher self, astrology, tarot, crystals, herbology and modern day witch craft. I live my life conscious, present and aware of energy in which we manifest, in which we put out into the world, and the energy we take in. Here is the definition of Spirituality. I am currently ascending after being awakened to the power of healing and the importance of connecting to your soul. I feel a sense of peace now that I have found my path and this spiritual connection I am experiencing is something that is just so special. It's nice to realise your purpose and get excited about learning. I cannot tell you how grounded and secure I feel reading, watching and educating myself on how the planets can affect us, or a herb I can put into my bath to help me heal my trauma.

I originally didn't want to talk about this because I know how other people react to stuff they don't understand. I'm not here to make anyone understand or believe, I am just here to lead by example and show whoever is watching/listening that there is a different, more mindful way of living life.

Would you like to hear more about this? If so, I'll do a Youtube video and a Q&A all about it.


Spending Time Alone
Although I've always enjoyed my own company, and I am absolutely an introvert, quality time alone (outside of watching Netflix in my pjs lol), is something I really enjoy doing. Most Saturday mornings I'll take myself for brunch, every month I'll switch off with a full body massage and healing treatment, and just before bed I'll make time to journal, read or pray. I don't know what it is about being alone, but I just bloody love it. Its effortless joy - maybe thats why I enjoy it so much. Its a really subtle way of telling myself 'I love you girl', and a chance to check in with me.


Mindful Mornings
My evening routine is really wonderful. I give myself enough time to wind down and I am pretty damn good at sticking to it. I usually drift off to sleep easily, and the time I spend in bed beforehand is something I treasure. My mornings however were somewhat chaotic and stressful. It didn't matter if I was in rush to leave my flat or not, I always just felt erratic and uptight, and more recently I have really really REALLY struggled to get out of bed before 9am. With a combination of shit weather, jet lag, the clocks changing and a heavy workload, my motivation in the mornings has gone to utter shit lol. To combat this I have recently implemented a mindful morning routine that eases me into the day, and then allows me to have time for me before I have to start work. I now find I am more productive, I am less stressed, and I generally just feel more settled and stable.

My simple yet affective routine is:
6.00 - wake up, breathe, stretch and set my intention for the day.
7.20 - water and/or herbal tea, shower/wash and put on clean clothes.


Processing Emotions
I don't know about you but sometimes I don't give myself enough time to feel. I pride myself on being strong and independent, so every now and then I'll pretend things are okay, when really I just want to cry lol. But feeling and processing is the most affective way to heal, and I believe it is the only way to heal properly. As a society we shame others and shame ourselves for crying, or being jealous etc etc, but emotions and feelings are actually here to teach us something. Stop ignoring them and start to really hear what you're experiencing. Doing so is extremely rewarding. #growth


Being In Nature
I am a firm believer that the elements are a part of us, can heal us, can affect us and nature and water is just my thing. I love swimming, I love feeling the sand between my toes, and I absolutely love sitting on the grass and listening to the birds chirp. Maybe its a London thing and a generation thing but I just don't experience the world enough day to day. I'll sometimes get the urge to go for a walk, but then I sit down on the sofa and for some reason I can't get back up lol. Whenever I connect to nature I always feel so happy and grounded so because of that it is has now become a priority.

I'm hoping to visit Margate and Bali soon (two very different destinations LMAO), but both are by water and I have about 15 new books to get through!


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