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As of late as you know, I've been feeling like a bit of a failure - which is SO unlike me. I wrote a bit about this in this post, and although I'm feeling much more
relaxed about everything, I still can't shift this niggle that I should have done bigger and better things this year.

I made a rookie mistake by comparing myself to others and by doing that - I've forgotten about all the amazing things I have achieved this year.

I lost sight of my own accomplishments - some of which I used to dream about as a child. So in the hopes of getting rid of this god awful feeling, I thought I'd big up myself and humbly boast about how incredible 2017 has been for me.

I've said it before, but I often pin my self worth on my work life and how productive I am. So this post is solely dedicated to my personal achievements..



Leaving Therapy
One day I won't talk about therapy I promise, I'm just still very excited and in awe that my ED and PSTD are no longer controlling my life. I left therapy a few months ago after a pretty draining but incredible year of getting well and honestly - I think its my biggest achievement EVER. I have never felt more prouder in my entire life and I'm really happy that my past self was brave enough to go on such a tough journey. I'm hoping next year will be even better in terms of understanding my mind more.

Discovering My Blackness
I never understood identity and damn well didn't get how much of an impact having no sense of self could have on my well-being. During the past year I've been exploring who I am and connecting to my blackness - something that has been missing pretty much for my entire life. I still feel slightly ashamed that I don't know much about my racial identity but I also feel great knowing I am learning more and more each day. I've said goodbye to eurocentric beauty standards and I am embracing my inner black Queen (I'm sure you've noticed lol).

Saving Money
Gosh! At the start of the year I really had to admit to myself that I'm just not great with saving money - spending on the other hand, I am brilliant at lol. However back in April I decided it was time to say 20% of all my earnings because thats just what adults do right? I don't really know what I'm saving for tbh because LOL at London house prices - but I guess its just nice to have some security if blogging goes to shit or brands just don't pay me for months haha.


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Doing More Of What Makes Me Happy
I made a conscious choice during the summer that I wanted and needed to stop putting my career before everything. So after the release of No Filter and due to a spout of ill health - I decided it was time to slow down and start doing things for me. Simple things like going to the cinema, getting my nails done, having a bath, reading a book and seeing friends were always stuff I deep down wanted to do - but I always chose 'being productive' over them. NOT NO MORE BABES. As of late I have really found my perfect work/life balance and the guilt of doing more of what makes me happy as slowly slipped away. Self care is just as important as your career - remember that.

Discovering My Personal Style
In the month of May I felt like I came into my own. I got braids and the rest is history lol. Falling in love with myself and accepting who I am enabled me once and for all, to stop dressing like other people or how I felt other people wanted me to dress - and to start dressing like me. I started to wear more colour, more texture and generally just put more effort into my outfits. Since then, I have felt extremely secure with how I want to dress and for the first time - I love my wardrobe. And because of this I have been producing more fashion content than ever before and honestly, its bought me so much happiness. Here's to even more fashion posts next year!

Finding Spirituality
I know its not for everyone, but its for me and its something that brings me a sense of calm and peace when the world is just too loud. I won't go into too much detail as I am still learning how to articulate my spirituality but lets just say I'm into energy, chakra's, astrology, aura and crystals etc. I believe in the universe as a higher power and that you manifest everything (good and bad) into your life. Finding a sense of community and belonging has improved my mental health and general well-being. After a long day, all I need is some chocolate, my incense and some meditation.


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