18 Thoughts If You’ve Got Big Boobs..

At the age of 8 I was roller skating in my polly pocket skates, eating Mr Whippy’s from the ice cream van and thinking I was well cool.. I was also wearing B cup bras and I was perfectly okay with it.

I’ve always had big boobs (36F) & I’ve always had saggy boobs, whether that’s bad posture, genetics or my ever fluctuating weight, I’ve got em’ and they’re a part of me. Although it took me a while to accept my body and boobs (read my pretty popular saggy boob post that could’ve gone viral but didn’t LOL) I can now be brutally honest about insecurities, lumps and bumps and everything in between, including the thoughts that us big boobed girls have.


1. I cannot wait to get home and get this fucking bra off. It’s literally digging in to my side boob fat.

2. I need a bra but they’re so expensive. Do I have a spare £35 to spend on a bra that I don’t even like. DPMO.

3. *looks at tits* why are you so heavy though?

4. I don’t like my boobs. Nope. Just nope.

5. *googles*: how much is a breast reduction?

6. I know I’ve gained weight because my smaller boob is now the same size as my bigger boob and my bigger boob is spelling out of my favourite AND only black bra I own. FFS!

7. My boobs would be so much better if they didn’t fall under my armpit when I lay down.

8. *runs up the stairs* okay that fucking hurt.

9. *Orders a top from Missguided, tries it on and relies you have to go braless* okay.. I’m fucking done.

10. *types into browser Amazon.co.uk* HOW MUCH IS DUCT TAPE THEN?

11. OMG it’s well cheap.. Perky tits here I come. That £17.99 top didn’t go to waste thank god. I’m gonna look BANGING on Friday night. Legit BANGING.

12. Why’s everyone looking at my chest?

13. They’re not that big are they?

14. Okay they’re huge.

15. This shirt better do up..

16. Oh god (as you find a few pieces of popcorn in between your tits)

17. I wish I had smaller boobs.

18. I can’t buy that. It’s backless.

Big boobs are hella annoying, but I personally, wouldn’t change a damn thing.