Never did I see the day my boobs would be plastered all over the internet, but here we are lol.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had saggy boobs and for as long as I can remember they’ve been a part of my insecurity. I was an early developer, so by 10 years old I was a B cup whilst all my other friends were completely flat chested (yup, I was real jel babes). As I grew, so did my boobs and now, at 25 years of age I am a 36F or a 38E, depending on the bra. My boobs are actually extremely uneven too. Can you tell in the picture? My left boob is about a cup size smaller than my right. Its weird but perfectly normal!

The problem we have in this world is judgement. Everyone feels like its their place to judge a woman’s body and declare their opinions on whats right with it and whats wrong. Magazines will have stories talking about how gross a topless celeb looks on a beach & a Facebook thread will go viral because you can see a women’s cellulite through her leggings. And then we wonder why so many people have issues with how they look? Thats exactly why.

I will never really know why my boobs are saggy, or uneven, or why I have giant freaking aureolas LOL (its okay, you can laugh). My posture? Genetics? Weight gain/weight loss? Im not sure, but one thing I am sure of is that this is how they are & they are a part of my body, which I have to accept and love. I know some of you are thinking ‘but Grace you don’t have to, you can get surgery’…

Well, a few months ago I was seriously considering having a boob job. Not an implant, just an uplift (ok maybe an implant too for shape). A lot of bloggers were suddenly having them and then I started to question if I should to? I had thought about it before, but I guess never taken it that seriously. I went for a chat with the PR (I was going to pay a discounted price) and walked away feeling really pumped like ‘f**k yeah I’m gonna have perky boobs and I can ditch bras’, but that feeling dwindled within days. I started to question whether surgery was the answer and the more I thought about it, the more it wasn’t for me. In my mind, surgery would’ve been a quick fix for my boob insecurity and lets face it, I probably would’ve found something else to dislike about my body. Im at a stage in my life where I take body confidence and body positivity very, very seriously and I want girls/women all around the world to see that its possible to love yourself without surgery, or losing a ton of weight, that its achievable to accept yourself, flaws & all.

I don’t have an issue with people getting plastic surgery or augmentation but I do have an issue with people feeling like they’re not good enough because they’re bodies aren’t perfectly rounded or sculpted. Most girls who are insecure (lets face it who doesn’t have insecurities) can’t afford to ‘fix themselves’ so its important that they can accept themselves, another way. I guess if there were more diversity throughout the media, more celebrities talking about their body hang ups and more bloggers like myself preaching that its okay to have tits down to your knees, then women across the world just might love themselves that little bit more.

2015 as a whole has been the year I have accepted every inch of my body & truly understood the statement ‘fall in love with yourself first’. You don’t have to always change the outside, sometimes you just need to change your mind, and the way you view things.

Yup, my boobs are saggy & yup, they also have stretch marks & if I woke up one day with perky ones, of course I would jump around topless groping them BUT, reality is they are with me forever and loving them for what they are feels so damn good!

Ive learned to accept my boobs, have you?