Photography by Erica Fae
Location: Brooklyn, New York

Dressing for the cold is always a bit of a challenge for me. I don't have a great collection of outerwear, which is something I am trying to work on over the next year. I would love a huge selection of jackets and coats that vary in colour, style and texture. When its cold, your outerwear is the item that is on show the most, so I guess its only natural that it plays an important part in dressing when its nippy outside.

I was in New York for New Year's Eve and experienced a level of cold I didn't know existed lol. Oh, and not only did it snow, we actually had a snowstorm that meant myself and Simon got stranded in the big apple for an extra 4 days! I also fell over the day before our flight out, so I was a slight hop along for the entirety of our trip. My ankle was super swollen and sore but nonetheless, it was an incredible holiday and a great start to 2018.

Because of all the reasons stated above, I slipped into a winter uniform that I actually really like. Its warm, comfy and stylish (3 things that are an absolute must for me during this time of year). So in today's post I thought I'd share it with you, and why I've enjoyed dressing this way so much!


The Uniform


Puffer Coats
Up until 2017 I stayed away from puffer coats, for fear they'd make me look like michelin man lol. But honestly, I actually think they look great. They're super on trend, but an item that I think can last from year to year within your wardrobe. They are also incredibly warm and cosy, and my coat of choice for pretty much any occasion. This particular one from ASOS has sold out, but I'll link alternatives.


Warm Jumpers
Whether its a slogan jumper, an oversized jumper, a rainbow jumper, or a chunky high neck jumper - I cannot get enough. Because my coat of choice is pretty plain, I find myself opting for a busier, more statement piece to go underneath. As long as the jumper is warm and comfortable then I'm happy. I love this rainbow one from ASOS, which I believe has again sold out. I think rainbow print is my new favourite. Its so retro and fun and I definitely want to buy some more pieces for spring/summer.


Wide Leg Trousers/Culottes
During last summer I really enjoyed wearing culottes and wide leg cropped trousers, and I took my love for them into winter too! I just love how they look on me, and they're an item that can be dressed up or dressed down and worn in lots of different ways. I usually wear mine paired with a jumper or top tucked in.


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Although I've always loved trainers, due to my poorly ankle that I'm still nursing back to health, I have had no choice but to wear them. It's actually been nice having to work them into the outfits I would usually wear with boots. I've been loving my usual Adidas Superstars and Gazelles, but whilst in NYC I purchased myself some Air Force Ones and omfg since being back I've bought two more pairs lol. They are just SO comfortable and I now really regret throwing my collection away that I had in my late teens. The all white ones are my current go to's, which you'll be able to tell in my next few outfit posts. They're pricey but worth it due to how versatile they are.

Statement Accessories
And lastly accessories! From oversized sunglasses to faux fur collars and from my Gucci bag WHICH I AM IN LOVE WITH to big earrings. I think its fair to say that my outfits just aren't complete without a fuck ton of accessories lol. I just find wearing a simple outfit but bringing it alive with everything else, is something I enjoy doing.

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