28 Days To Raise


Spirituality and understanding my Divinity within has, with no doubt changed my life. It has helped with my recovery and has fed my soul in a way that I didn’t believe was possible.

So many of you often ask how to be ‘spiritual’ or how to ‘go on a journey’ like the one I have, but what you don’t realise is that being ‘spiritual’ IS the journey you are already on.

This is your remembrance.

So I created #28daystoraise – a daily task to raise your vibrations and reconnect you back to your highest self. A little something that will help you to let go of all the things that are holding you back so that you may step into your full power.

The energy I have put into this is something I am super proud of and all the small tasks in the pack are things I do myself.

I hope you love #28daystoraise as much as I do. I feel this is a start of something so much greater.