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I haven't posted since Black Friday so hello, hi, how are you all doing? Did you survive the cyber weekend? I did and I surprisingly didn't spend too much, although I did buy a Gucci bag over the weekend as a Christmas present to myself LOL. Its currently sat under my tree with all the other presents for friends and family.

I'm finally feeling festive and if I'm honest - I am SO looking forward to time off. This year has been a lot hasn't it? I feel so emotionally, mentally and physically drained and I'm definitely counting down the days until I can turn my out of office on, not get dressed for days and eat my weight in cheese and crackers.

My body is already wanting to slow down and over the last few months I have seen a slow decline in energy. Although I haven't actually lost motivation - I enjoy what I do, my get up and go has definitely slipped and I 100% cannot get out of bed in the mornings. My alarm goes off at 7 and my body is like lol no bitch stay where you are. I hope that isn't just me haha?

Because of the slight hiatus on my blog, I'm struggling to get back into writing. I have ideas but I can't get my words out and I am 100% distracted by Little Mix's X-Factor performance, ASOS and the galaxy chocolate I got delivered in this morning's food shop lol.

So to get myself back in the blogging game, I thought I'd chat about my plans over the Christmas holidays and how I want to spend my 3 weeks off. YASSSS 3 WEEKSSSSSSS!! I'm excited lol, can you tell?


Dec 15th - 20th: The Wind Down
New email who dis? LOL! Between these dates I plan to start winding down and tying up projects and sponsored work I have on. Clear my emails, finish my accounts and admin, get brand and PR meetings finalised for the New Year, as well as generally get my life together.

Just before the Christmas madness really kicks in, I like to have a big clear out, tidy and deep clean my flat. As a blogger and shopaholic lol, I accumulate so much stuff and Christmas is the time of giving, so I make sure I give away stuff that I don't use or no longer need. I have been working with Solace for the last 2 years so I will be popping down to their refuge near me to donate lots of stuff.

I'll also try to see friends during this time, get a mani and pedi and of course, devour a Terry's Chocolate Orange.


Dec 21st: Out Of Office On
Last year I was working right up until Christmas Eve, and this year I've decided not to. I am exhausted and I think I'll really benefit from a solid break - especially after a year of therapy lol. So on Dec 21st, I'm popping to the salon and I'm getting my hair done. The braids are going for a while so my hair can have a break from them, and this time around I'm getting a giant curly wig. With the current climate I need to keep my head warm so give me all the inches honeyyyyyy lol. Then I want to watch The Holiday and Love Actually, drink copious amounts of tea and listen to Justin Bieber's Christmas album on repeat.


Dec 22nd: Driving Home For Christmas
One of my favourite things about the holidays, is the drive back home. I feel like Mrs Claus with my car filled to the brim with presents, festive outfits and snacks. Once I'm home, I'm then popping over to see my God family - which will be filled with food and alcohol and games no doubt. We all grew apart with age and distance but when we reunited at my No Filter release party we decided to spend time together every few months. I'm hoping we get out the baby photos which I will obviously share on IG lol.

PS. No Filter will be a GREAAAT Christmas present hint hint lol. You can order it here.


Dec 23rd - 24th: Christmas Begins
I don't have any set plans in place for these days but I will most probably be with my sister watching Christmas films, napping, eating, seeing my favourite people and catching up with my friend Laren - she's my oldest and closest childhood friend and I miss her a lot. During this time is usually when my Mum and Stepdad have just done the Christmas shop and I'm attempting to rob the food that is only meant for Christmas Day LMAAAAO.


Christmas Day
Its tradition to get up at 5am in excited anticipation, but this year we've agreed to try and sleep in longer. This is usually because by 10am my sister is napping and I feel sick with tiredness haha. So we're all hoping to get up around 8ish to unwrap presents with a cuppa tea in hand. I've gone pretty over the top with gifts this year so I'm expecting tears on Christmas morning - especially from my sister haha.

After all the presents are open and the wrapping is in the bin, we have bacon sandwiches and get ready for the day with the smell of turkey and stuffing filling the entire house. Me and my sister just do our hair and makeup, then get into fresh pjs and new socks!

After numerous visitors, Christmas movies and alcohol, we chow down, then play games, possibly have a nap, and then we tend to have about 3 homemade desserts by my mama.

By the evening we have more visitors round, including my boyfriend - we exchange even more gifts and then have our evening meal or party food which is my favourite. Pineapple and cheese on sticks, bread, dips, meats, crisps, mini pizzas - you name it, we've got it.

Then we watch the soaps (even though I have no idea what is happening in them throughout the entire year because I stopped watching them 7 years ago lol), alcohol, more food and then bed.

I'm really looking forward to this day... mainly for the stuffing and roast potatoes.


Boxing Day
Growing up this was the day we'd all spend at my auntie's house and have Caribbean food but that tradition has now faded, which is sad. So this year I don't know what the plans are. I'm hoping Christmas Day round 2 tbh lol. Simon will also be at my family home so maybe we'll play a board game, eat and generally just be merry. 

In the evening however, me and Simon are leaving and driving back down to London to go to his house so I can see his family. Every year I get his parents little gifts and its just nice to see them over the festive period. I believe we're having another Christmas dinner here lol and taking it easy before we drive further into London to go back to our flat which will be clean and tidy and fresh because of my pre Christmas declutter lol. This is where I thank previous Grace for her hard work.


What I'm Wearing

Dress* - ASOS
Cardigan* - River Island
Boots - River Island
Bag - Topshop similar linked
Sunglasses* - Ray Ban



Dec 27th: Pack & Prep For NYC
A few days after my girls left from their London visit, I just knew I couldn't wait an entire year to see them, so Simon and I decided to go to New York for New Years Eve and I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED I MIGHT DIE. We're going for a week so we'll need to pack, exchange dollars and book our cab to the airport etc etc. I've saved £1500 so that I can really enjoy myself when we go. I don't actually plan on buying anything but I would like to go and see a show on broadway and eat at a few fancy restaurants lol. We're all staying in an airbnb in Brooklyn near where Nai lives, whoop!


Dec 28th: Fly To New York For A Week
Whilst we're there I'm shooting with a photographer which is super exciting, as I really want some good outfit photos for my blog - keep your eyes peeled for them in the New Year. Steph is the planner so I know she's got a few surprises up her sleeves, but tbh - we all just want to eat and spend quality time together. For the last 2 days of the trip though me and Simon are staying in Manhattan to do all the touristy things which will be lovely. Fingers crossed it isn't too cold because I won't cope haha.


Jan 5th - 7th: Prepare For Going Back To Work
Once we land at some RIDICULOUS time in the morning on the 5th, I plan on spending the weekend unpacking and prepping for the upcoming week. I don't expect I'll be that productive on the first working week back -  thanks jet lag, but I do plan on putting plans into motion and generally trying to get my butt into gear. I really need to do a new 5 year plan, as well as create an affirmation book so that I know what I'm working towards for 2018 and beyond. I'll also put away all my presents, do a food shop and cry at the fact I'm poor haha.


What are your plans this Christmas?


  1. 4th December 2017 / 3:23 pm

    This sounds AMAZING, and the perfect way to round off a big ol’ year. Enjoy xxx

  2. 5th December 2017 / 12:00 am

    Impromptu intimate meet and greet in NY?! You’re one of three blogs that I actually read and I just adore you! I also greatly respect all that you do and share!

  3. 5th December 2017 / 1:12 am

    Okay so the bag is gorgeous , your braids look amazing and you have been working your ass off all year I hope you have a nice break!



  4. Jordan
    5th December 2017 / 3:37 pm

    Enjoy your well deserved break, beauty!
    As an American who experienced her first British Christmas last year, I envy your holiday plans. I wish I were in England eating yourshire pudding and lounging with Prosecco and a new pair of Christmas socks this year. Enjoy the break and be safe in NYC! It’s especially crazy and just as lovely during the holiday season.
    -@poof_its_jordan (or @jordamn21)

  5. 10th December 2017 / 7:30 pm

    That sounds like the perfect Christmas, have the best time lovely! You look beautiful in these photos!

    Rosie | wearsrosie.com

  6. Alice
    18th December 2017 / 4:23 pm

    You are going to have the best Christmas ever by the sounds of it – so jealous about NYC – incredible!! Love this dress too! Alice xxx


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