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Although I find I'm generally a productive person and can stick to a 'I want to take over the world' routine - I have to admit, at the moment I am massively struggling.

I'm tired in the mornings even though I'm sure I'm getting enough sleep. My brain feels fuzzy with all the stuff I have to do so I then can't be bothered to do anything. And as the days I go on, I find myself sat on the sofa with a cuppa and Netflix and before I know it, its 4pm and all I've done is pay a bill, had a poo and eaten my way through a packet of custard creams.

Everything just seems that bit more effort y'know? I'm blaming the change in weather and the fact that this year has been so hectic I'm ready to hibernate until 2018.

Anywaaaay. Although I've been less productive than I'd like to be, I haven't let it all go to shit so I thought I'd share some tips to turn around those unproductive days, so that by the end of the day you feel mildly satisfied. Satisfied enough that you deserve to watch 10 episodes of Designated Survivor before bed. CAN I GET AN AMEEEEEEN?

(Side note: Designated Survivor is so fucking good I cannot get over it).


Write A 'Must Do Today' To Do List

Ah. To do lists are my favourite thing to do but when you've got the longest list ever, just looking at it can make you feel overwhelmed. On those occasions and days where I just can't get moving, I opt for making a separate, more manageable list of urgent things. This list doesn't have to be long - just 4-5 things is enough, but ticking them off makes me feel like YASSSSS IVE ACTUALLY DONE SOMETHING TODAY IM NOT A FAILURE LOL.

Change Your Environment

In the last few weeks I've opted to work in my living room. Its a change from my office which is usually a mess. My living room is always clean and tidy and the lighting is so bright it doesn't ever tempt me to have a little nap (I could be lying here). I love putting all my work on my coffee table, making myself a nice glass of water and then cracking on with what I need to do. When I'm just not in the mood, my office makes me want to cry so moving into a new space helps. If changing rooms isn't enough then I can also recommend setting up camp in a coffee shop or a cafe - although this can be quite expensive.


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Be Productive In Other Ways

Tidy, run errands, pay bills, do your accounts, respond to texts you've been putting off, book a dental check up, give blood, bake, order your ASOS return, sort out your knicker draw. The list is endless lol. Another way I've been productive is trying to cook more. I really struggle with preparing my evening meals due to never prioritising the time and not really knowing what I want to eat (cheers for that ED). So as of late - in doing this I feel really proud and productive. Remember being productive doesn't always have to be in your professional life, it can also be with your personal life too.

Get Comfortable & Cosy

I find I actually want to work when I'm chilled and comfortable. When my surroundings are zen, I feel zen and my brain has the mental space to get shit done. Burn a candle, make a pot of tea, put on some tunes (maybe not ones you like to sing to), have a shower and wash your face, get on your comfies and power through. You have got this!!

Stop Being So Hard On Yourself

And lastly I try not to beat myself up. Its unrealistic to have really productive days all the time and sometimes slowing down is exactly what you need to do. Listen to what your body and brain is telling you and just try to do your best. Occupy your time with things that inspire you and before you know it, you've turned your unproductive day right around.