Ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed and just thought, nope!? Ever been sat at work, with the sunshine blazing outside and thought, fuck my life!? Ever had an argument with someone thats put you in the worst mood EVER that you retreat to the foetal position in a sulk on the sofa, with a large Big Mac Meal and a Diet Coke? I have lol.

I actually woke up in one of those moods last week. I didn’t sleep very well during the night and as I opened my eyes to get out of bed, I remembered my outrageously long to do list which instantly put me in a ‘I just cant be bothered’ mood. However during my painful morning pee (I had cystitis which also added to my horrendous mood lol), I decided that I wanted to have a good, productive day, so I needed to nip that bad mood in the bud.

Here’s how I did it and you can too:

Shower & Scrub
I always start my day with a shower but its usually mid morning,
after I’ve done my emails and had breakfast. But when I feel a bit shit,
its the perfect way to rejuvenate – especially if you have a good ol’
exfoliating session too. The water going down the drain is symbolic
to your troubles and bad mood just washing away. Boom!

Talk Yourself Happy
You can even do this in the shower! Telling yourself that you deserve to have a good day,
full of positive vibes and productivity usually means you’ll end up actually having one.
‘You’ve got this boo’ & ‘Today’s gonna be great!’. (you get the jist)

Have Your Favourite Food
Food really can soothe the soul and having a bunch of your fave food (especially breakfast type foods)
can instantly make you feel just that little bit better. I always opt for taking a trip up town and having avocado on toast at Dean St Townhouse
– you’ve NEVER had avo like it. Its literally out of this world.

Get Creative
I often find myself writing posts or creating mood boards for outfit ideas. Its a way for my
mind to be filled with positivity and it enables me to have less focus
on my stresses or negative thoughts.
I also love writing to do lists and updating all the shopable widgets on my blog.
Anything that involves shopping makes me happy haha.

Open All The Windows & Put On Some Music
Fresh air does wonders but if you’re anything like me, going outside is just too
much bloody effort (and if you’re in a ‘normal’ job, it might not be feasible).
However listening to music and opening the windows is something most people can do.
India Arie is my go to when I need to calm down and Little Mix are my go to
when I need to feel happy and upbeat!
Do it – it really works.

Make Plans For The Weekend With Your Favourite People
Although all us would love to go to Ibiza when things get too much,
most of us can’t afford that, but we still need something to look forward to.
Whether thats a Nando’s, a few cocktails, a trip to the cinema or a road trip to Brighton,
plan something!

Take A Few Deep Breath’s
It’s that simple.

Get Organised/Re Organise
Maybe its procrastination but having a tidy really helps to de-clutter the mind.
It allows you to think clearer and it improves you’re overall mood!
I always opt for tidying/changing my office OR purging my wardrobe.
(obvs so I can buy new stuff haha)

Binge Netflix
Getting stuck into a new series is defffffoooooo one my fave things to do,
even when I’m in good mood lol. Having downtime is SO important to self care
and its also important to recognise when you need it. If you haven’t watched Line Of Duty –
thats where you need to start.

Tell Someone How Much They Mean To You
You get back what you put into this world so spread love and kindness always.
It also makes you feel a fuck ton better!

Read A Book
Sometimes fantasy is better than reality and getting lost in a world
that is far from what we know, is a safe way to switch off. I also love uplifting memoirs!
PS. My own book is out next month so if you’d like to pre-order it here, I would love you
forever lol (ain’t no harm in a plug right?).

If you’re having a bad day, remember that it doesn’t mean you have a bad life. You are only human and allowing yourself to feel emotions (even the shitty ones) leads you to becoming self aware. You’ve got this – even when you feel like you don’t.