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When I was approached to work with ASOS on their new 'Next Level You' campaign, showcasing their occasionwear, I literally jumped at the chance because as you all know, ASOS is bae. In this post, I'm going to be sharing with you an outfit that makes me feel fierce, strong, powerful and confident. And to go alongside the imagery, I thought I'd also share with you, some life changing moments that have made me feel all of those things.

Grab a tea, a cocktail or pineapple & orange squash. This might be a long one!


Style Notes

I love midi skirts with crop tops or tops tucked in, because the silohuette it creates is an enhancement of my shape & I enjoy showing it off! The striped belt adds a little sass to a predominately feminine floral print, which probably describes my style really well.

I added some height with a gorgeous metallic midi heel - the perfect shoe for 'hi I've made some effort, but I also want to be comfortable'. The look is complete with an outrageously bold leather biker jacket that is fast becoming a favourite within my wardrobe. All that embroidery!


Moment: My First Kiss.

I remember it like it was yesterday - at the back of the cinema with my love. The smell of popcorn & joop and his lips tasting like Pepsi Max. Everyone at school had experienced their first kiss, except me (or so I thought lol) and the anticipation was so strong and exciting - I literally couldn't wait. When it happened, it was like magic and I remember feeling so overwhelmed and incredibly happy. Young love ey?

My first boyfriend and that first kiss was the moment I realised how important love is. I felt so safe and warm and I knew right there and then that I would cherish that feeling forever, with the hope I would make another human feel that way..  I think I've achieved that!


Moment: Uploading My First YT Video.

It was on my 21st birthday and the quality was horrendous, but back then, it just didn't matter. Youtube was all about bringing people together and creating a community of young creatives, simply trying to find their way.

Fast forward to 2017 and blogging is now my full-time job. It hasn't been easy, but my god has it been worth it. I have experienced the most incredible things from holidaying in Ibiza with Malibu to filming with the legend that is Alesha Dixon. Its mad!

Youtube saved my life and gave me an outlet I didn't really know I needed. What a crazy few years its been.

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Moment: Realising Self Worth Isn't Determined By Size.

You guys will know by now that I have struggled all my life with poor body image. I grew up thinking that losing weight was incredibly important and if you're not slim, toned, or fitting into society's mould, then you can't be beautiful.


Beauty isn't about what's on the outside and there is more to life than trying to be a certain way. Self worth is in character, friendship and the things that really matter. Don't hurt yourself trying to be eye candy, instead, love yourself enough to be soul food.

Moment: Letting Go Of Toxic Friendships.

Sometimes we outgrow people and other time they out grow us. Over the past few years I've really been recognising the unwell friendships I have developed and for my own mental health, I've been letting them go.

People that make you feel negative or sad or not good enough are the type of people you do NOT need in your life. I used to tolerate these sort of feelings, because I wanted a group of friends so bad, but its just not worth it.

Friendships, like most things in life are all about quality over quantity, and even if you have just one real friend, you are better off than most.


Now that I think about it, this outfit is a little bit out of my comfort zone with the mix of metals & the clash of prints. However, I adore it and its perfect for cocktails with the girls, or a family BBQ. When we actually get some warmer weather you can swap the long sleeved top for a vest, and the biker jacket for a cropped denim!


Be bold, be brave, be fierce.

And there we have it. The moments that have changed my life for the better, as well as a gorgeous ASOS occasion wear outfit that compliments that.

No matter the occasion, own who you are and what you're wearing. #NextLevelYou


  1. 18th May 2017 / 10:22 pm

    You inspire me so much ! Beautiful post teaming up with asos. You are gorgeous <3

  2. Alice
    19th May 2017 / 3:21 pm

    I love that you’re an ambassador for ASOS, you totally rock this outfit and they’re so lucky to have you on board! Alice xxx

  3. 19th May 2017 / 8:37 pm

    Love this post <3 could you please add left and right arrow buttons on your featured content on the home page?? If I don't read it in time, the post disappears! Love everything else about the new design tho xo

  4. Lisa
    7th June 2017 / 5:52 pm

    Love this look…you look great

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