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So, denim jackets have, over the years, become an item I wear throughout all seasons. Winter straight through to summer. Whether its an oversized vintage jacket or a cropped black denim - I'm all over it. Whatever your style and your price range, there is a denim jacket out there for everyone. I also love how versatile they are!

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So many people ask me things along the lines of "how can we save society?" and "what can we do to help our young people" and when thinking of an answer, I would stumble and ramble and try to think of the words to articulate all the things/help/info I needed when I was growing up. Things like; representation, body positivity, intersectional feminism and self love. Truth is though, even at 26 years old, I still need  all of those things, and if I could package them up into one word, that word would be, E M P O W E R M E N T.

Empowerment is the key in changing the current generation, and raising the next. Yes, empowerment means slightly different things to different people, but in a general societal sense, there is ONE thing in particular that we should be encouraging and that is freedom. Freedom from everything that hinders or holds us back. Freedom from anything that doesn't allows us to be ourselves.

We need to empower women to;

Question societies ideals. You don't need to be thin, toned, white, able bodied, hourglass etc to be beautiful.
Those trashy mags are wrong & those weightloss Instagram accounts are wrong.

Identify double standards and misogyny. Yes you can enjoy sex and have a lot of it and no, it doesn't make you any less of a person. Yes you deserve to be on the same wage as your male colleague who does the same job as you. And no - you're not a 'bitch' for going after what you want.

Trust themselves in every aspect. You don't need to count calories or count your fat intake. Your body is a wonderful, incredible thing and if you listen to it, it will tell you what it needs. The same goes for negative relationships and toxic environments. If something doesn't feel quite right, trust that feeling and leave the person or situation you are in.

And how do we do all of that? Well, the answer is very simple. We have to empower ourselves, because when we do that, we have the ability to truly empower others.



I think its really important that as women we are completely empowered because that means we are more;

Powerful. Resilient. Brave. Courageous. Honest.
Confident. Proud. Compassionate.
Authentic. Raw. Gritty. Strong.
Optimistic. Positive. Independent.
Fearless. Curious. Profound. Pionerring.

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