Being jealous will get you nowhere. I’m not too proud to admit that I definitely have a jealousy streak inside of me. Its not often that it comes out these days, but when I was younger it would completely take over. I would be jealous of someone’s body, materialistic items & even their family situation. I guess my childhood was so difficult that I became bitter towards anyone who I viewed had a better life than me. All jealousy does is make you feel miserable and sad. Being bitter is not cute boo.

Just cause he wants to have sex with you, that doesn’t mean he cares about you or loves you. Hands up who didn’t really know the difference between lust or love? Damn it lol. There were many occasions after losing my virginity and becoming sexually active that I was left heartbroken, confused & feeling like ‘wtf did he just use me’. Sex ed in schools does not prepare you for the policies around sex and I definitely fell short because of that.

Everything about you is beautiful. Yes bitch that includes your rolls, stretch marks, uneven skin and your gigantic delicious chunky thighs. Don’t pay attention to anyone or anything that makes you question your self worth.

When you’re sad, scared or angry – tell someone (anyone). Otherwise you’ll end up in therapy at 26 re-learning everything you thought you knew about the world lol. Growing up I pretty much internalised everything I felt, or I’d have random outbursts because ‘we’ve ran out of fucking squash Mum, why didn’t you buy any’, when I was actually angry about something else – I just didn’t want to or know how to talk about. Telling someone what I was feeling would have made my childhood a little easier.

Self care is SO important. Now that I’m 26 self care is a HUGE part of my life and back when I was a teen, I didn’t even know it was a thing. Looking after yourself? Nurturing yourself? Listening to your body and mind? What the fuck is that lol? I neglected who I was because I didn’t like myself and when I was sad or lonely or scared, I self harmed or punished myself with food or went out with my mates and drank a bottle of WKD (just me?). I should have really been going for walks, taking baths & talking to someone about how I felt. Self care makes me feel a whole lot better & I wish little Grace knew just how important it is.

Do more of what makes you happy. Dancing, singing, drawing, acting – do more of it. Life is too short not to be doing the things you love.

What important things do you wish you knew as a teen?