Word on the street is that London will reach 19 degrees today! Spring, is that you boo?

If I’m honest though, I’m still in hibernation mode. The clocks changing last weekend has made me SO tired, that I sort of want to cocoon myself in a blanket & eat Nutella with a spoon. But nonetheless, the sun is beaming into my window & the mood in London right now is upbeat & happy.

I haven’t actually been shopping as much as I usually do. 2017 is the year I properly get my finances in order and stop being so frivolous with money so weekly ASOS orders and midnight hauls on Boohoo are a thing of the past (cries). However, as the seasons are now changing, its time to spend a little bit of cash on S/S wear and as you can imagine – I’m fricking excited.

The hot trends this season are frills, denim, blush pink & stripes to name but a few. These styles can be worn by anyone – no matter your size. Here are my 44 picks from the mothership that is ASOS, covering my top picks from the spring trends.

Happy shopping!


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