WA GWAAAAAAAAN my gal dem.

So I’m back from -4 New York City and its just hit me like a ton of bricks how behind I am on work. Life happens though doesn’t it? And I’m not going to beat myself up over it – I have been writing a book after all, haven’t I?

(Little plug but can you buy my book please?????????? Its here lol).

Now though, I’m desperately trying to get my butt into gear and push out some content. I don’t really schedule my posts anymore, these days I’m more of a ‘write when I feel like it kinda girl’ & I like it. But that means I go days, sometimes weeks without posting. I’m super proud of most of my posts since summer 16′ so I guess I’m doing something right.

Anyway. I’ve been slightly moody and sad lately so I thought I’d cheer myself up (and you guys of course) with a positive post.


1) My new blog design. Yes, I know I keep banging on about it but *squeals* GIRL, I am just so excited. It should have been done last month but I kept changing my mind on what I wanted (typical). I just want to make sure its as close to perfect as I’d like lol. So bare with me. It is coming and I really think you’re gonna like it.

2) Criminal Minds. So the American Netflix is way better than the one in the UK?! I got into Criminal Minds whilst I was in NYC. I originally stuck it on as some background noise whilst I was getting ready, but 18 episodes later I am hooked. And no, I didn’t find an illegal site to watch it on now that I’m back in London. LOL! (lies)

3) Aldi prices. That thing happened to me where you run out of every damn thing in your kitchen. I looked in my fridge and it literally contained gone off milk, a block of cheese and a packet of green thai curry paste. Now thats adulting! Bae & I decided to do a big food shop; fruit, veg, meat, bagels, biscuits, juice, pizza, milk (obvs) and whatever else we could get our hands on. We went IN and the shop came to £72. Now, if that was Sainsbury’s it would’ve literally been £120. *pats self on back*

4) Stormzy’s album GSAP. And not just because I’m in one of his music videos lol. Gang Signs & Prayers inspired me beyond belief, whilst also making history. The album makes me want to slap someone and then kiss them straight after. If you’re interested, Blinded By Your Grace Part 2 and 100 Bags are my faves! You can download GSAP here.

5) Smoked cheese. I actually got into this over Christmas, but I can’t stop eating it lol. Its just so damn good with salted butter on top of crackers. Yum!

6) Chloe. Ah. My mate Chloe is just my favourite human ever. She’s genuine, kind, strong, honest and loyal and in 2017 those qualities are pretty rare to find. I adore her. Check out her blog here.

7) Boohoo+ new in. Guys, guys guys, I have spent WAY too much money on Boohoo recently. I literally place orders weekly – its beginning to take a lead over ASOS (not really but I need to be dramatic so you understand how amazing all the new in stuff is). My wardrobe looks SO good right now.

8) Harry Potter. I decided it was about time I re-watched Harry Potter from the beginning all the way to the very end. I haven’t actually seen the last two movies yet – I think I’m subconsciously putting it off because I know its going to be v. emotional. ‘You’re a wizard Harry’.

9) Orange & mango squash. Its just the best and I missed it when I was in NYC!

10) @pomelokiwie. At the beginning of the year, I was in desperate need of some style inspo. My Instagram explore page was rubbish and I was in a little bit of a style rut. My mind seems to be so consumed with other shit, that I just go blank whenever I try and out together an outfit. However, one absolute babe that makes me want to get out of bed 30mins earlier so I can figure out what to wear, is Pomelo. She has a similar frame to me, she’s French AND she’s outrageously stylish. Go and stalk her!

What’s making you happy right now?

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  1. 23rd March 2017 / 5:59 pm

    I love Aldi, always shop there now because it's such good value x


  2. 23rd March 2017 / 6:45 pm

    Love everything!! Such a good idea to remind yourself of what you're happy about when feeling a bit poopey! Chin up love xxx
    Elle du Jour

  3. 23rd March 2017 / 7:14 pm

    I love this! Always makes you feel happier when you think of all the great little things in your life. Also did I hear you say "bae"?!


  4. 23rd March 2017 / 7:33 pm

    "album makes me want to slap someone and then kiss them straight after" – This genuinely made me laugh out loud! I actually haven't listened to the album but after that review I definitely want to!! I'm also a MASSIVE fan of Criminal Minds! Really lovely post!!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  5. 23rd March 2017 / 9:21 pm

    Criminal Minds, YESSS! Love it! I have been obsessed with Scandal recently, it's so good! I love how positive this post is 🙂 x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  6. 24th March 2017 / 9:29 am

    Haha Aldi prices are pretty incredible right? Ashamed to say that I've only watched 1 or 2 of the Harry Potter movies, I think it might be time for a movie marathon this weekend! ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy

  7. 31st March 2017 / 4:13 pm

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