comes a time in every bloggers life where the dreaded ‘bloggers block’
kicks in. Its happened to me quite a few times over the past few years
and I think its fair to say – its annoying af.

Although my mind is buzzing with content at the moment, I’m unwell (with the flu – I swear I’m dying lol) and I’m a teeny bit stressed, so when I sit down to create I simply can’t execute my ideas.

posting once, maybe twice a week, which in my mind is shit. I have flat
lays ready, outfit photos stored and a long ass list of blog titles,
but for whatever reason my productivity with posting is at an all time

whilst wrapped in a blanket, with snotty toilet roll next to me, Big
Bang Theory on in the background and my trusty Macbook on my lap, I
realised that although I think I’m slacking in the blogging department, I
am in fact working behind the scenes.

Here’s what I recommend to do..

Shearling Oversized Coat – MONKI (similar linked)

Khaki TopMISSGUIDED (similar linked) | Leather Joggers –  ASOS (similar linked)  

Black Fishnet SocksASOS | TrainersADIDAS Superstars (similar linked)

Photography by JKG | jkgphotography.co.uk

Update your about me section. Lets face it, we all like to talk about ourselves, and your ‘about me’ section is the perfect place to big yourself up. You’re selling your brand after all! Its also a nice chance to think about how you want to position yourself in the wonderful, crazy world of blogging. What are you into? What have you achieved? Why did you start a blog? Take a look at my ‘about me’ section here if you need some ‘biggin yoself up’ inspo.

Introduce yourself to new PRs & brands. I know a lot of bloggers don’t like to introduce themselves to brands, but I actually think its really welcoming and can be beneficial. Obvs don’t introduce yourself and ask for freebies, but reaching out to brands you love so that you are on their radar, is actually v. business minded. Building relationships in blogging is important to me and I think more bloggers should do it. I recently reached out to the New Look PR team, just to say hey and to arrange breakfast (breakfast dates are the best dates) and not only did they come back to me with a date for brekkie, they also offered me a monthly instagram campaign. PAID!

Create or update your ‘shop’. Having shopable pages is a simple way to generate a little more commission and to enable your readers to shop your wardrobe or wishlists easily. I know when I go on to anyone’s blog, I head straight to their ‘advice’ sections or their ‘shops’. I like to be inspired the most in those departments and if you’ve noticed – I also like to inspire you guys in those departments too! Readers will quite often want to know what their favourite bloggers are wearing or lusting over, so having a ‘shop’ page is just a natural progression. With that being said, you can shop my entire wardrobe here.

Plan a future blog design/layout. Now this is where the fun begins. I absolutely love designing and planning a swanky swishy new website. I’m actually working on one at the moment (that’s what inspired this post). Depending on how much money you want to spend on a new design, the possibilities are endless. The vision I have for my new website is basically an open diary type blog, with a more professional and shopable feed. Obviously still relatable, inspirational and easy to navigate.

Tidy or re-invent your workspace. Ain’t nothin’ a little spring cleaning can’t fix, especially at this time of year. Etsy, Urban Outfitters and other homeware/office supply stores have so many bargains to be had that can instantly update your workspace, for a fresh new feel. Get on pinterest or instagram and find some inspiration. Oh &, new stationary anyone?

Make a snazzy media kit. This is something I actually have on my ‘blogging to do list’ but I keep putting it off lol. I have a very bog standard media kit, mainly because I rarely need to use it, because I have management etc etc. But, I still want a snazzy one, because right now mine is a simple word document that probably contains a gazillion spelling mistakes. FYI – your media kit should contain your stats, your achievements, your rates, your previous work and anything else you feel is relevant for brands to know. Shall I do a full post on this? Let me know in the comments.

Reply to emails. The dreaded back log! No matter how hard you try to stay on top of them, they always mount up don’t they? If you can’t get your words out and you’ve got zero motivation to do anything else, the least you can do is to reply to your emails. Go get em!

Being unproductive can actually be productive… I think?!


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