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Anyone else make a giant list of New Years Resolutions and within a month, week or day you’ve failed horrifically became same. Literally, that is me lol.

However, if you know me (and I hope you do by now, but if you’re new HEY BOO), then you’d know that I’m all for setting goals no matter how big, and bossing your way through them like a bomb ass adult.

I thought id share with you 10 goals that are achievable for everyone, in some way, shape or form. Now that its 2017, its the perfect time to start working on ourselves, and I have a little feeling, each and everyone of us can relate to this post.

Lets do this!

1. Drink More Water

Although I usually drink the recommended amount, over the festive period I drank a lot of alcohol and Diet Coke. So right now I’m literally part rum & fizz, part human lol. To get back into my regular h20 consumption I’ve decided to use a water bottle. For some reason, if I’m drinking out of one, I tend to drink more. In my mind the bottle has to be empty which enables me to constantly down the stuff. Do the same, it works.

2. Read 10 Books (at least)

I have SO many books and the intention is always there to delve into them, but what do I do? Sit on my sofa with a bar of chocolate and watch The Big Bang Theory over and over again. Reading gives mental stimulation that to be honest, we are probably lacking. We spend too much time on social media discussing dickface Trump and twerking. Other benefits are knowledge, stress reduction and improved focus and concentration. If that doesn’t sell it to you, I don’t know what will. First up on my list is Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight.

3. Give Less Fucks About How Others See You

This is actually high up on my 2017 goals. The less you care, the happier you are right? Its time to stop giving a fuck about other peoples opinions of you – especially if its people on social media. You will never please everyone so there is no point in trying.

4. Save 5-10% Of Your Earnings

When it comes to money, I’m all for ‘living in the moment’, because why would I save for a rainy day, when it rains practically everyday in London? But, I would love to give my future kids a life that I didn’t have – therefore its time to consciously save. 5-10% of every payment/earning is a realistic amount in my opinion. Its enough, that overtime it will grow into a substantial amount, but its not too much that you can’t place a sexy little order on ASOS and eat out at Nandos every now and then. Amen to that right?

5. Find A Mindful Morning Routine

Im a firm believer that the way you start your morning, is a strong indication of how the rest of the day will go. Therefore, don’t set yourself up for a shit 24 hours. Drink your water, meditate, think positive thoughts, listen to calm music, wash, have a good breakfast – preferably something with protein, but there is nothing wrong with Coco Pops either lol. Be mindful of your thoughts always, but pay attention more to those that you have in the morning. Tell yourself your day will be great and it will be.

6. Have Better Sex (yes I said it)

Whether you’re single or in a relationship – it honestly doesn’t matter. Explore your body alone or with your partner and experiment as much as you want. Good sex makes everyone happier so get that D girl – dick or dildo lol. Tell your sexual acquaintance what you want and how you like it. 2017 is the year that fake orgasms die babes.

7. Spend Less Time On Social Media

A digital detox every now and then does bloody wonders. For me personally, I get so much done, my anxiety diminishes AND I even go outside and interact with real life humans lol. Without even knowing it, we are taking in so much bullshit by continuously scrolling through our feeds. Propaganda & hate to name but a few. We compare our lives, our friends and our bodies. Having a break from the internet world gives you great clarity for your real world.

8. Try A New Cuisine Every Month

During a therapy session for my eating disorder, it dawned on me that I rarely try different food. If you walk through a supermarket or visit a different country, you realise just how much delicious food we are blessed to have access to. However, we tend to stick to what we know/like don’t we? I buy the same stuff every week and I gravitate towards the same meal when I eat out or order a takeaway. Food is meant to be a joyous occasion so lets step out of our comfort zones and sample more. Its also a real nice way to introduce ourselves to different cultures and guess what? Its even something you can do with friends. YAAAASSSSSS!


9. Treat Yourself More

I don’t necessarily mean to a cookie or to new clothes, I mean it in the sense of new experiences. Book a spa day because you work hard. Book in at the hairdressers because you deserve it. Book a holiday with your Mum because you’re in need of some Mother daughter time. You get the picture. But remember to do it guilt free. Treating yourself is part of self care which is essential in nurturing ourselves happy.

10. Be Kinder To Yourself

I cannot stress this enough. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others. Your body is beautiful, beautiful with rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, uneven skin tone – you name it. Your face is precious, especially when you smile. You are deserving of love, happiness and success. Take care of yourself – you’re worth it!

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