So I kind of want to talk about careers and working life a little bit more. I think because blogging is my job, I don’t have that much to say that hasn’t already been said before, but I guess my opinions and talking about things in my own words may be interesting? I bloody hope so.

Firstly, I’m ambitious as hell and I always have been. Secondly, although I definitely believe in taking risks and living life for right now, I also believe in making goals and longterm plans – especially when it comes to your career.

In today’s post I thought I’d touch upon my five year plan and how you can put together your own. Five years for me is a realistic amount of time to make my big boy dreams come true, & without putting too much pressure on yourself. I usually complete my five year plan within 2 years so thats proof that hard work and focus really does pay off.

What is a five year plan?

A list of things you want to achieve within the next 5 years. Your five year plan should scare you & it should make you focus and work hard. It can be bigger than your wildest dreams – but thats what makes it more exciting. It doesn’t need to be long, it just needs to be manageable for you. Its a break down of goals you’d like to smash and with self belief, you can smash

I’ve been doing five year plans for as long as I can remember. If I write something down, it makes it more ‘real’ and enables me to really work towards something. For the past 18 months though, I’ve been living in limbo. Although my career is on the up at a pretty rapid rate, if BBC3 stopped making docs with me and brands didn’t want to work with me anymore, I would literally not be able to pay my bills. I also want to really think about where I’d like to be when I’m 30 (which is in 4 years GULP). My career isn’t all about money or paying my bills either, I want to help people and really spread the message of self love and the importance of talking about taboo subjects. I want to step things up a level, surprise people and more importantly surprise myself.

I don’t just want to be a blogger, or someone who makes Youtube videos (no disrespect to people who do), but for me, my career is bigger than that.

My Five Year Plan


Make A Series With BBC3.

At the moment I’m making one off short form docs (30mins) and although I love that, I’m completely ready to tackle different subjects for an entire series. I basically want to be on the level of Stacey Dooley & Reggie Yates. Id love to do a series about children in care, the affects of having a missing parent during childhood & maybe even one on contraception. I want to be a leader in making taboo subjects less taboo.

Develop An App.

To have an app thats an extension of what I already do here and Youtube, but on a bigger and better scale would be amazing! A section dedicated to self affirming quotes, body image and confidence. Another section on mental health, ways to cope and help pages for when life is just too much. A section on sex, periods and how to deal with shitty boyfriends and even shittier friends. A section dedicated to music so we can sing with each other like James Corden & Adele. Do you get the picture?

Become A Charity Ambassador.

I’d love to work with a charity who focus on eating disorders and childhood trauma, two subjects close to my heart. There is a misconception that an eating disorder is about food, but in more cases than not, its about something way deeper. Anorexia and bulimia are the most well known forms of eating disorders, so I’d like to possibly focus on less known disorders like binge eating and to raise awareness around how trauma can lead to serious eating problems.

Create My Own Swimwear Line.

Great fitting swimwear at great prices is SO rare, especially if you have big boobs and/or you’re plus size. I would love to bring out my own swimwear brand or collab with an already established swimmer/lingerie company. I love swimwear and I often get so many questions from followers about pieces that I recommend and the best places to shop, so in my opinion – it just works. I can just imagine having a set called ‘Island Girl’ with pineapples and palm trees in a mix of yellow, green and pink colours. IM SO EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!

Write A Book For Parents.

I have a real knack of being able to talk to parents about difficult subjects that go on in society these days. Due to working in a children’s home for years, I was able to really learn how to explain and discuss issues to adults about what their kids were going through. So many parents have NO idea how to be there for their kids who may been self harming or have other mental health issues. I would absolutely LOVE to write a book/manual/guide for parents on how to tackle certain problems their children may be facing. Not only will it cover behavioural problems and difficult subjects, it will also cover self love and building a child’s esteem. A basic no bullshit guide on understanding a teen in the 21st Century.



How To Make Your Own

Write It Down

Like I said earlier, writing things down just makes it more real. Make a list and even a list for that list, about all the things you’d like to achieve. Even if you have no idea how you’re going to get there just yet, write it down still because even just making it known that thats where you want to be, is one step closer in achieving it.

Be Specific

This makes it easier to really concentrate and focus on what you want. For example – you want a new job thats rewarding and gives you something back? Look at different jobs that might give you that and direct your attention to one, maybe two. Answering the calls to domestic violence helpline? Working in an old peoples home? You get the picture. If your mind is jumbled up with lots of different avenues, it can be hard to make something solid. Be specific with your goals and they are more likely to come through.



Vision boards are a great way to visualise what you want from life, not just within your career. Using one of those cork boards that cost £3 on eBay, you can create your ideal future right in front of your eyes. Use magazine cuttings, quotes, pictures – anything. Get creative and put together a collage, imagine you’re in year 5 at Primary School lol. Another way to visualise is to simply close your eyes and dream. Imagine yourself picking up your award. Imagine yourself handing in your final paper for your masters. Imagine your entire life how you’d like it to be. Ive said it before but I’ll say it again – what you think, you become.


Be Real

Don’t set yourself up to fail by setting goals you know damn well you won’t or cant meet. ‘IM GOING TO BECOME A PILOT WITHIN THE NEXT 5 YEARS’, just isn’t going to happen is it lol? Yes dream big, but also dream with a little bit of realism. You don’t want to leave yourself disappointed. Do what you’re good at and have a passion for.

Was this post helpful? Im thinking about doing a personal five year plan too? Let me know if thats something you’d like to see.