(Solomon & Kuff)

One of the best things about New York is definitely the food, dribble dribble. However I often find touristy spots are crowded, overpriced and generally lacking in good quality food.

Luckily for me, my friends live in NYC so I experience the best of the best (in my opinion but I’m right lol) and we usually only eat at places that are undiscovered & family run.

When I’m visiting, I try and immerse myself into what real New Yorkers live like, as authentic culture, wherever I am, is really important to me. So on that note..

Here are 3 absolutely amazing places to eat in NYC that tourists don’t particularly know of.. yet! 

For brunch.

Solomon & Kuff | Harlem New York, 2331 12th Avenue | Caribbean Cuisine

If you love boozy brunches (the rum cocktails were so strong I almost died lol) dancehall and bashment music, plus insanely great food – this is where you need to be. Located in the heart of Harlem, right near the river, Solomon & Kuff puts the perfect Caribbean twist on traditional stateside brunches. Adding jerk seasoning to their chicken batter & using yams as their starch in pancakes, its definitely a place that ticks off all your taste bud requirements.

I opted for the chicken & waffles, which came with a side of hot sauce, a jug of maple syrup & topped with walnuts and bananas. Taking the whole savoury and sweet thang to different heights. Great taste, great portions & great atmosphere. The chicken was perfectly golden and crunchy on the outside too- yum!

The only disappointment was the service. Our waitress was super lazy and gave off the opinion that she just didn’t want to be there. I’d still go back though 😉

For lunch.

Cafe Rue Dix | 1451 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY | French & Seneglasçe Cuisine

After waking up from a nap my girlfriend Akua said to me ‘Grace, I really need the best french toast in New York so lets go to Brooklyn’. Me being me was obviously all over it, so off we went. On a quiet (as quiet as Brooklyn can be) residential street, a cute, little spot called Cafe Rue Dix can be found. With distinctive and unique herbal teas on the menu, as well as traditional african decor dotted around, its a far cry from New York City’s typical tourist diners.

Me and Akua shared the french toast as well as a salmon omelette with avo on toast and a side of fries (we like to eat lol). Although I wasn’t a fan of the omelette (not a fan of omelettes in general) the avo on toast was so.much.yes. Spicy and tangy & perfectly ripe. But the icing on the bread (did ya see what I did there?) was definitely the french toast. Super sweet but not too sickly, bursting with flavour and drizzled in some sort of maple syrup/creme caramel hybrid, it was honestly an absolute joy to devour.

A place filled with character, friendly staff and affordable prices. Winner winner!

For dinner.

Pilar Cuban Eatery | 397 Greene Ave, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn | Cuban & Spanish Cuisine

Words will never describe just how INCREDIBLEEEEE this meal was. Pilar Cuban Eatery is an authentic Cuban & Spanish restaurant, again, situated in Brooklyn. We originally planned to go here for brunch but we didn’t arrive until 4pm lol.

My dish – VACA FRITA! if you visit, you must order it. Steak, rice, beans & avocado – a combination I didn’t know I needed in my life, until I tried it. I have no idea what they put on their steak or avo but they were legit one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten. My entire meal was super flavoursome, rich but not heavy & downright moreish. The steak was proper juicy and cooked to perfection. I was so impressed with this spot and really recommend it if you want simple, authentic but delicious Cuban food.

Now for dessert.. We ordered 3 because we’re fat and fabulous and love to eat haha. Guava cream cheese pie, passionfruit flan & churros. Now tbh, I really didn’t enjoy these desserts. The consistency of flan makes me want to die LOL and cream cheese in a dessert just doesn’t sit well with me or my stomach lol (unless its cheesecake obvs). The churros were okay, but nothing special. Im really picky with desserts and theres plenty of other places in NYC that do desserts better.

I loved the fresh & colourful interior of this restaurant and the outside seating area is super cute too!

Im hoping to go back to NYC for New Years Eve and I will definitely try and re-vist one of the above places. Hope you liked this post my babes.