A few weeks ago I had my first ever hot wax hollywood, including my crack – I’m currently a plucked chicken and I’m loving it! (soz for the TMI but what else did you expect from me lol). Ive had the good ol’ fashion waxing strips before which literally made me want to die due to the pain, so I was super excited to see what hot wax was all about.

SPOILER: It was way better than waxing strips because hot wax only pulls out the actual hair, the strips pull off the top layer of your skin too….. shudders.


I was invited into Ministry Of Waxing on The Kings Road and I honestly had the most wonderful time. I felt comfortable and at ease, and for some reason, a random girl looking at my A hole as my cheeks are spread wasn’t actually that awkward lol.

I recorded my reaction here. So please go and give that a watch because its pretty funny lol. I was swearing and sweating but overall – I would 100% do it all again. Afterwards I literally felt like my vagina was lighter and had lost weight LOL! Everything in that region was so smooth.

I felt like I really had my shit together. Im an adult now. A real fucking woman lol. (obviously being hairy is cool too).

At the time I didn’t verbalise all the thoughts going round in my head, mainly because I was wondering which part of my vagina was going to sting next.

So here they are..

1. I really hope my vagina doesn’t smell. Its hot, I’ve been sweating ALL day and if it does smell thats fucking embarrassing.

2. I wonder what she thinks of my vagina. Is it weird looking? Is it pretty? Is it ugly.

3. I actually like my vagina but my god is it hairy! I bet she thinks its hairy.

4. Im literally as hairy as a monkey right now. WHY AM I LIKE THIS. KILL ME!

5. I bet she’s seen so many vaginas. I wonder if she’s seen any weird ones.



8. This bitch is hurting me on purpose I know it. She needs to be more gentle.

9. *sweat trickles down my head* Okay.. this hot wax is actually hotter than the sun.

10. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor vag lips.

11. Why am I doing this? It better look amazing afterwards because this is fucking ridiculous.

12. I hate being a woman. I literally hate it.

13. *looks at smooth vagina in the mirror*.. You know what? It wasn’t even that bad.

14. I can’t wait to show bae when I get home.


(Although these thoughts genuinely went through my mind I really would like to go back)

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Ministry of Waxing Discount Code Terms & Conditions:

Can only be used once and not in conjunction with any other offer. Valid until 31/12/16. If booked at Ministry Of Waxing’s Flagship Chelsea location, discount code also entities you to one free iced coffee at A Wanted Man Cafe.