8 Things To Tell Yourself On A Low Body Image Day..

I can hand on heart say that nowadays I’m body confident more than I’m not and boy does that feel good. I’ve surrounded myself with wonderful friends who make me feel like I’m beautiful no matter my size & I’ve also learnt that the most important things in life have absolutely NOTHING to do with the way you look, the size of your jeans or how much cake you consumed last night. (Usually at least half am I right or am I right)?

However even I have days where I hate what I see in the mirror. Whether that be because I’ve seen a photo of myself at THE.WORST.ANGLE.EVER or I’ve compared myself to Susie, Sally & Sarah.

So I decided instead of crying for the next 4 hours, delving into a large bar of Milka Wholenut chocolate and then contemplating going on some ridiculous diet to lose ridiculous weight to fit society’s ridiculous ideals.. I’m going to write a helpful post for my readers instead (and to help me too, OBVS)

1. It’s okay to feel down sometimes. All your life society has told you that you’re not good enough, so it takes time to undo everything you’ve been made to believe.

2. You’re more than this. You’re more than these destructive thoughts. You’re more than hateful comments and remarks. You are more than you look. You will be remembered for more than your outer exterior. It’s the soul that counts.

3. You’re beautiful. No matter what your mind tells you or another person tells you. You are beautiful.

4. Be a bit kinder to yourself babes. You’re not a murderer or a bad person. You’re actually alrite!

5. You’re not alone. Text someone who cares about you and lean on them for a while. You’d do the same for them right?

6. You’re a fucking bad ass boss bitch. (Apply your favourite lipstick and put on one of your extra sassy outfits)

7. Everyone’s rooting for you. I’m even rooting for you. You’re a breath of fresh air to this world.

8. ‘YOU IS KIND, YOU IS SMART, YOU IS IMPORTANT’. No matter what you weigh, no matter what you look like, no matter what the size of your jeans are.

Its better to be soul food than eye candy (new fave saying that I live by)

If all of the above still haven’t made you feel any better, have a cry & take a nap. We’re in this together.

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