We all know that New York is one of my favourite places in the entire world world to visit. Im actually going back in a few weeks to celebrate my 26th birthday and the countdown is officially on.

The buzz, the food, the friends I have there, all make every trip pretty damn special. I’ve visited numerous times now so I like to think its a little like my home away from home. (sill do not understand the Metro system though)

For me, NYC is basically London on speed. Its extra fast paced and full of culture, opportunities and life. There are a few things I repeatedly do when I visit so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Sleep With A View.

Whenever I book my accommodation for my next dose of the USA, I always ALWAYS, opt for somewhere with a banging view (still within my price range obvs). During my last trip I stayed at the Fifty NYC hotel and my room overlooked the typical tall buildings with a road where you could watch all the cars go by. No matter how many times I visit New York, I still get giddy over the yellow cabs. Laying in just pants late at night, eating a donut and watching trashy TV, there is nothing quite like gazing out at THAT view, especially when its all lit up.


Accommodation can be RIDICULOUS in NYC, and theres obviously cheaper options available, but I really would recommend laying your head here. My room was huge with a separate kitchen (that even came with a small amount of food) and a humble sized bathroom. The bed was insanely big, with those proper fluffy pillows. The staff were friendly & accommodating – I actually fell in love with the bell boy lol. Its in a great location for shopping, brunching and generally just exploring what NYC has to offer. I actually featured this hotel in my March NYC vlogs which you can watch here.

155 E 50th St, New York, NY 10022, United States.

2. Eat Doughnuts

Now, eating sugary, delicious food in NYC is a given right? But my absolute favourite indulgent is DONUTS, in particular Dough, Doughnuts. Giant, fluffy, juicy, flavoursome, sweet, UTTER PERFECTION, sugary rings of joy. Dunkin’ Donuts are also pretty sexy & I know there’s a Doughnut Pub in NYC too (which is on my hit list for my next trip).

There is something so wonderful about scoffing a doughnut, drinking coffee & exploring one of the most magical cities in the entire world.

14 W 19th St (at 5th Ave) New York, NY 10011

3. Watch A Show On Broadway

Im pretty sure this is a given but incase you needed a gentle push to book your seats, this is your reminder. I know going to the theatre isn’t for everyone BUT for me, its a place to wind down, to chill and to be entertained. Whether thats The Lion King for you Disney lovers, Wicked for you lot who LOVE seeing raw talent AND there’s even Kinky Boots for those of you that love theatrics, fun & comedy. Growing up I used to dream of watching a show on Broadway so whenever I’m in NYC, I try and make a performance. I love going to the theatre in London, but shows on Broadway are simply on a different level.

4. Visit The 9/11 Memorial

I’ve been twice and both times I was left speechless. I guess its pretty obvious why, but it really brings home the absolute tragedy that hit not only New York, but the world, back in September 2001. You see the faces of the dead, pieces of The Twin Towers & also things like, bicycles, wallets and sunglasses – the things that mean nothing to us, but everything to the people and family who lost their lives. Its an eerie atmosphere but definitely a place to visit nonetheless.

5. Brunch At Sweet Chick

Part of NYC culture is to ‘do brunch’ at any given opportunity & I am not complaining. Whether you have avo’ on toast with a green juice or french toast and bacon, brunch in NYC just has.to.happen.babes!

(Egg Shop, NYC)

On my last trip, my stateside girls took me to Sweet Chick in Brooklyn and it blew my damn mind. Although we queued for hours (its extremely popular so prepare yourself for a long ass wait) and the service wasn’t the best (soz Sweet Chick) the food was fucking ridiculous. There were 8 of us, and we legit ordered half the menu and shared it all. The fried chicken and waffles were SOOOOO good. Tasty, sweet and salty, buttery & completely moreish. You have to visit! Its a must! Located in Brooklyn too (hipster central), its a great opportunity to explore, shop & take lots & lots of New Yorkyyyyyy type photos. Perf.


164 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

6. Buy Something Special

Other than London, NYC is my fave place to drop some serious dolla dolla. There are so many fab places to shop & bargains to be had. For me personally, I love buying special splurge purchases that will remind me for years of visiting my fave place. Whether its a fancy schmancy palette from a Sephora, an expensive perfume from Bloomingdales or a designer bag from Barneys. I think the appropriate saying is TREAT YOSELF GURL.

I think everyone needs to visit NYC at least once during their lifetime. Im so lucky that I am able to go 2/3x a year & I cannot wait for my next flight out.




  1. 9th August 2016 / 2:48 pm

    Amazing tips, I can't wait to visit NYC one day, it's been on the top of my wishlist for as long as I can remember!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. 18th August 2016 / 4:17 pm

    we love that you love it here !! lol enjoy your next trip! xoxo

  3. 4th September 2016 / 9:59 pm

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