Im not usually a fan of Caribbean restaurants. The food is usually greasy and oily, poor quality and just not as good as my nan’s. I am yet to be impressed by any commercial chains, the occasional family run place sometimes, but Rum Kitchen has left me wow’d. 

For a little celebration and catch up during December the girls and I visited Rum Kitchen, just off Carnaby St in Kingly Court. The menu is small but impressive and after choosing the ribs, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my food. Now, for drinks, I’m more often than not all about Diet Coke, but when I see cocktails I am easily lead astray. Yup, at 2pm I was drinking rum punch but can you blame me? Yup, by 4pm, I was slightly drunk. If you enjoy cocktails that are sweet and not too strong, then you’re gonna love this place. I was knocking back this punch as if it were water and I have absolutely no regrets.

With my ribs I ordered, rice & peas and coleslaw and it was honestly, beautiful. The rib meat was spicy but slightly sweet, it fell off the bone and was super super chunky. I can’t stand skinny ribs (no discrimination intended). The rice and peas were coconutty – full of flavour! The coleslaw, creamy, crunchy and cooling – the perfect addition and contrast to the rest of my meal. Its 11.17 as a write this and I am yet to eat breakfast 🙁 I’m salivating. 

The staff were witty, funny & friendly. The atmosphere buzzing and electric. The music was also pretty awesome, I was definitely transported to Jamaica or some other Caribbean Island. I would 100% come back to Rum Kitchen – my taste buds were thoroughly tantalised and my bank balance is still intact, Perf!