If there is an opportunity for me to eat junk food, I’m not gonna lie – I’m all about it. Of course life is all about balance but sometimes in order to stay sane, we must indulge haha.

A few days ago I went along to Shake Shack in Covent Garden with the sole purpose to review it (I was invited by the PR). I tried Shake Shack about 18 months ago but I don’t actually remember what the food was like because I believe I was slightly hungover and unwell LOL! So I was looking forward to this all day and it did not disappoint.

When it comes to burgers I want juicy meat, crunchy salad and a shit ton of flavour & I got exactly that. I went for the Shack Burger with fries and a lemonade. The burger was my favourite part and not to throw shade (Im about to throw some shade) but its SO much better than Five Guys which seem to be a joint most people love. The meat tasted SO fresh which surprised me and the melted cheese against the crunch of the onions just made my heart skip a damn beat. Im really picky about fries & these were okay. My boyfriend Simon absolutely loved them though and in his words – ‘probably the best crinkly fries you can get in a fast food place’!

Shake Shack is self serve. You order your food, you collect it from a little side window and then you take your seat. Im extremely lazy and I enjoy being served, especially when I pay for food so this aspect isn’t my favourite, however, I do like being able to leave as soon as I’m done without waiting for the bill.

For dessert we opted for two concretes. An ice cream, frozen cake hybrid lol. Both sweet, creamy and full of sugary texture. I obviously chose the one that said ‘chocolate hazelnut’ because hello, NUTELLA!!!! I couldn’t eat it all because I’m sure I’ve become intolerant to dairy and I was so full, but the few spoonfuls I did have were delicious. Shake Shake use custard to create these so they taste luxurious, ridiculously creamy and really rich.

The vibe was hustle and bustle with a hint of Christmas spirit. Covent Garden is one of my favourite places to visit in London during the festive season. Everything is really cute and there’s so many independent coffee shops and gorgeous little boutiques to roam around.

If you’re in Covent Garden and looking for a place to eat, give Shake Shack ago. Its affordable (in my opinion) and the food is of good quality. There was no oil or grease and I didn’t feel gross afterwards lol. The staff were lovely & I really enjoyed my visit.