I’ve been contemplating doing this post for a while. I know that the money side of blogging has so much interest, but not a lot of honest and truthful information. I can’t speak for every blogger/vlogger on how they earn their money, but this is what I know about it all & how I earn mine..

Google Adsense

Most people know what Adsense is but if you don’t, its the easiest and quickest way to start earning money from your content. You don’t need a million views or thousands of followers to be eligible and Adsense works on Youtube, Blogger, WordPress & even Tumblr. Adsense is basically adverts displayed on your content and when someone clicks that advert you earn a small percentage, & by small I mean it can be as little as 2p LOL!

Im not entirely sure what the threshold is for signing to a network but for my blog I’m with Mode Media and for my Youtube I’m with Style Haul. A network basically display more ‘premium’ and expensive ads so you make a little bit more money than Adsense. You know when you click on my blog and there’s a huge advert behind my page – thats what I’m talking about. Networks can also get you paid work, campaigns and sponsored content too. Networks usually have brands and clients on their books who will send out briefs for a collaboration and your network will then put you forward if they think you suit it. Get it?

Brand Deals, Sponsorships, Collaborations & Campaigns
Now we’re talking. If you ever see #AD or #SP on a video or blogpost, it should and usually will fall under this category. This is where the real money is made. Huge campaigns on TV or with celebs are now over and that money is now pumped into influencers on the net – so us, woo LOL! Depending on your social media influence, your followers and content, you can earn between £350 – £50,000 (sometimes less, sometimes more) on a brand deal/sponsorship. A sponsored post/video is usually just that, where as a collab or campaign may be over a longer period of time, involving various social media activity. For example; being paid to attend LFW on behalf of a brand. I hope I’m making sense here.

Paid For Social Media Activity/Interaction
This would usually fall into the category above because usually in your contract for any paid work, it will ask for your support for the content on your other social media sites, however sometimes you will solely be paid to Tweet or Instagram something. I recently got involved with a body confidence talk on Twitter & that was paid for. Sometimes a company or brand would like some promo so they will pay you to mention their product. Its all in the name of advertising really.

Commission/Affiliate Links
The only affiliate companies I use are Skimlinks and Reward Style and thats because they’re the freaking best. Skimlinks accepts most people and not only does it automatically affiliate links on your blog (only of brands/clients they have obv) you can also shorten links for Youtube description boxes and Twitter etc. Its really easy to use and its a nice way to earn a bit of money through your content. The commission will fluctuate a lot! Some companies will give you 2%, others will give you 20%. An affiliate link means you earn a bit of money when someone buys something through it. Reward Style is a bit more premium and fancy. You have to have a certain amount of followers and influence (not sure how that works) to get accepted but if you do, its blooming wonderful. Reward Style have 1000s and 1000s of clients and they can also get your sponsorship/campaigns too. Reward Style have a hub where you can see what earns you the most money, what things are selling, what products you can push etc. A lot of money can be made via commission, I’m just being totally honest. Blogging is a booming business now after all.

Bloggers will be paid to attend a social event. Simple!

A Side Note
I didn’t know any of the above when I first started producing content. It was merely a hobby and something to be a part of but 4 years later, things have seriously changed. Blogging is now my full-time job and although I’m an honest and transparent person, I don’t wish to share how much money I personally earn from what I do (kinda personal init). However, I truly believe bloggers should know other ways to earn a bit of money and readers should understand it too.

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