For me personally, the importance of a skincare routine is huge. From facial cleansing, to moisturising & of course those extra bits like spot treatments and face masks. Im a bit of a skincare junkie & I’m the first to admit, I love splurging on high end brands and testing out premium skincare.

I love my skin to be soft, hydrated, radiant and plump & I’ve found three new products that do all of the above, without breaking the bank. I haven’t touched much upon great skincare thats affordable and readily available on the high street until now. Olay’s New 2in1 Range are the triple threat skincare trio that have completely won me over.

Olay 2in1 Hydration & Radiance Glow

If a product is going to make my skin glow, I’m all over it. I love the radiance & luminosity this gives my skin. It contains light reflecting particles too which helps to revitalise my face and give me that healthy skin appearance. I also love that even though it adds so much glow, it doesn’t make my skin look greasy or oily – which is a big no no for me. This product is perfect for days where I’m sat at my desk working but still want my skin to look and feel fabulous. 

Olay 2in1 Instant Hydration & Flawless Blur

For days where I know I’m going to be wearing makeup for hours on end, travelling round London & dashing to meetings, I need a primer that creates a base for makeup & locks in hydration – without making me look greasy. I’ve found this with Olay! I like my makeup to look fresh & dewy but for it to also last all day. This sinks into the skin quickly due to its light texture so its also great when I’m in a rush and lets face it.. when am I not in a rush?

Olay Superdrug 2in1 Hydration & BB Cream (medium)

Unfortunately for me, I suffer with redness and sometimes a little bit of uneven skin tone. My forehead, chin and around my nose are my problem areas and for days where I’m running errands or taking blog photos, I don’t always want to slap on foundation – thats where tinted moisturisers or BB creams come in and I guess the Hydration BB Cream from Olay is both. This contains a moisturising cream with a hint of foundation to even out the skins texture and skin tone for gorgeous skin with minimal effort. The perfect product for adding hydration but also adding coverage. 

So these are the three new products I have added into my skincare routine that are giving me that beautiful glow, which I most definitely need now that summer has well and truly gone.

The Olay 2in1 Hydration Range is exclusive to Superdrug.