So I’m back from Morocco and next week I’m jetting off again to Greece. Work hard, play hard right?

My sister & I stayed in Marrakech for two weeks at the Clubhotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie & we chilled, relaxed, laughed and explored the entire time. There were parts of Morocco that I loved & there were also parts of it I hated. The staff were great (most of them anyway lol) and the people we met were lovely. I actually met some subscribers out there which was just crazy. The food was also awesome but I guess I was a little underwhelmed at Marrakech town. I expected it to be beautiful & full of lights and cool things to look at but it was just a bit rubbish. Im going to do another post about my experience there, because it was just dreadful but it was nice to relax and visit a country I hadn’t been too before.

During our stay the weather was all over the place. Scorching sun one minute, sand storms and rain the next. I actually really enjoy storms so I didn’t mind but it would’ve been nice to have constant sunshine which I expected to have in August? The hotel grounds were stunning and I adored feeding the fish and turtles bread after breakfast. Im glad to be back in the UK now, two weeks was just so long and I began to miss my bed and the smell of my boyfriend, its the small things isn’t it? 

I read, I read a lot. Five books in fact & it was just so nice to be able to actually have time to get into a good book. I slept a lot and ate even more (thats what holidays are for haha) & of course I topped up my tan and had one too many strawberry daiquiris, life is too short not to though haha.

So I’ve got just under two weeks to get as much work and scheduling done as possible before I jet off to Greece with my boyfriend to celebrate my 25th birthday and our one year anniversary. Im excited!

Are you jetting off anywhere soon? I very much have the travel bug at the moment and Santorini, Ibiza, LA, Barbados & New York are all on my list for the next year. Eeeek, I better win the lottery!