Lets talk stretch marks. I get so many questions/comments on them when I do videos on body confidence so I thought I would address them in a post, but first things first just so you know..

I love them!

After years of learning how to love myself, I’ve realised accepting your body for how it is, is extremely important. Obviously, if you’re unhappy with something then of course change it, but stretch marks (as we all know) are little rascals that we can’t really get rid of.

I understand that people may think they’re ugly. I guess in a sense they’re scars? Imperfections? Flaws? But you know what, why do they have to be ugly? They’re apart of me & I’m beautiful, therefore they are beautiful too.

It hasn’t always been that way though. I remember seeing my first stretch marks growing on my hips and stomach area and thinking ‘omg I’m so fat and disgusting. I hate myself so much’. Society, peers & the media have drilled into us that imperfections are not okay, but I’m here, even if I’m standing alone, to tell you, YES YOU, that they are ok. Stretch marks are a small part of you, and you are worth so much more.

The world will try and mould you, will try and shape you into being perfect, which doesn’t actually exist. Everyone has body hang ups. Cellulite & uneven skin tone are two that come to mind, and once again, why do they have to be ‘ugly’? Who wrote the rules to say we all had to look the same & we all had to have smooth, airbrushed skin?

My stretch marks show my journey, not just with my weight, but with growth, with becoming an adult. I call them my ‘tiger stripes’ and you know what, I’ve earned them. Everyone and everything has a story behind it and for me its a journey. I look at my stretch marks and I realise how far I’ve come, how much I’ve changed. I look at my stretch marks and I see nothing but skin, but a few years ago I would feel shame & disgust. I guess I’ve got some wisdom now and I’ve learned that there is so much more to life than my outer exterior, to anyone’s outer exterior. They really don’t matter..

So there it is. I have stretch marks & I love them 🙂 

PS. Most of us have stretch marks so don’t please don’t feel alone.