A little poolside beauty ain’t never hurt anybody right?..

Now I don’t mean a full face of makeup, a face mask and a pedicure, I’m talking tanning products, sun protection and a little skin hydration. Most women have sun lotion and maybe some tanning oil, but of course, in the world of being a beauty junkie, I have an entire kit. Who’s with me? I can’t be the only one lol.

So Egypt is done and dusted and its time to share with you my pool side beauty.

For everyone panicking right now lol, I did protect my skin from the sun, I just forgot to photograph it lol. I used a mixture of Nivea SPF 50 and Hawaiian Tropic SPF50. I apply my lotion as soon as I wake up so by the time I actually get outside, the product is fully protecting me and its sunken in. Both of these products smell amazing and apply evenly. I like my suncream to be super thick but also to blend well. Egypt was 45degrees+ everyday so I needed a high factor. These protected me so much that I didn’t burn at all & I still came home with the most glorious tan.

Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Dry Oil Spray

Im definitely a sun worshipper and I go on holiday for the sole purpose of getting a tan. Whilst browsing on Feel Unique I stumbled across this and it caught my eye. It claims to lock in a deep tan whilst hydrating your skin. It also claims to maximise the length of your tan too so of course, I just had to have it! Are you reading this thinking ‘please tell me it works’ lol? Well, it freaking does. I am SO impressed with this. My tan is even and deep. Im actually the darkest I have ever been at the moment. This also smells pretty good and for some reason comes out really cool? An added bonus for when your skin is cooking in the sunshine. I have a tiny bit left so I am repurchasing for my next trip. I can’t praise this enough. 

Malibu SPF6 Bronzing Tanning Oil

In between applying sun lotion throughout the day, I was applying this. I had never used it before, but after smelling it in Boots it was straight in my basket. That coconut scent is what dreams are made of I am telling you. This is specific for people who tan easily and don’t usually burn so perfect for me. Im pretty sure that using this with the Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Dry Oil Spray is the reason my tan is so kick ass. It feels super luxurious on the skin and after it sinks in it leaves your skin feeling and looking supple. I found this oil made my tan more bronzy than usual. I absolutely LOVE it.

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray*

I was obsessed with this before I even hopped of the plane. Its basically MAC Fix+ but with a bit more sass. The sunshine can make our skin feel dehydrated and look thirsty so feeding it with moisture is the way to go. Im not sure what it is about this that I love, but it just makes my life better lol. Whenever I had a glass of water, I also sprayed this. It helped my skin to stay hydrated & gave it some relief. My skin just felt amazing and I’ve been using it everyday since. Every beauty junkie needs this!

Radical SPF30 Skin Perfecting Screen*

For face protection during the hottest time of day I used this after my moisturiser. Its smooth and not too thick which I love. I find sun protectant can often clog the pores around my nose but this doesn’t. It enhances the skin without leaving behind any shine or oiliness. It takes a while to rub in and sink in but its the best sunscreen for the face I have ever used. Its pricy but worth it. You don’t need a lot either so it lasts a pretty longtime. I have over half yet to use!

Clinique SPF20 Superdefense Moisturiser*

For my daily moisturiser I opted for this. I’ve been using it for maybe about a year now and its up there with my favourites. I usually use it at night but its great for protection on holiday. It smells bloody amazing, its thick, super hydrating and leaves the skin ridiculously smooth. This is a moisturiser for all year round so if you’re interested, make that purchase. Its a great investment.

So thats the low down on my pool side beauty. I hope it answered some of your questions on how I got so tanned (remember I am mixed race so its easy for me to go dark lol). Are you off on holiday soon? If so, where? Take me with you lol.

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