Patty & Bun. The messiest burgers I have had, but also one of the tastiest.

 A few weeks ago after a VERY long day in Central London, MarySimon & I decided to have a 10.30pm indulgent dinner. Patty & Bun had been on my list of places to try for months and as we were near Liverpool St, this was the perfect choice.

 The place was absolutely heaving. It was a Thursday night and Thursday being the new Friday and all, we had to wait about 20mins for a table. By this point we had all chosen our meals & eaten our own arms.

The chips tasted like a posh Five Guys! SO NICE.

I went for the Jose, with everything & it didn’t disappoint. The meat was super succulent and juicy and the bun was toasted to perfection. The flavour was just so nice. As you can see, they pack a lot inside the bun and lather it in SO much sauce – its impossible not to get your hands dirty.

The dips were good too. The vibe was very fast, hustle and bustle – definitely not the place to come for a nice quiet meal.

I really enjoyed Patty & Bun and would eat here again, but for me it doesn’t beat Honest Burger. 

Whats your favourite burger joint? Burgers are my favourite thing to eat, ever!