I think my favourite makeup item is some sort of lip product. I often gravitate towards all the lipstick, liners and glosses whenever I’m out and about or surfing online. If I ever feel like splurging on makeup, lipstick is absolutely the first thing that comes to mind. I just can’t get enough. 

I’ve recently stumbled across three lip products that work absolutely perfectly together and will probably compliment various skin tones. 

This is the wearable 3 step lip.

MAC Boldy Bare Lip Liner

MAC Half ‘N’ Half Lipstick

HD Brows Dusk Lip Gloss*

I love experimenting with lip colours, dark, vampy or bright, but I always end up falling into my old habit of wearing a pinky/nude colour. Its wearable, easy to apply and looks great with any eye makeup. Its just subtle and pretty.. I mean, who has time to apply a red lip during the week? Not me thats for sure.

(sorry my skin looks awful, I had an allergic reaction and it was only starting to clear)

Im just a little in love with this combo. A liner to give a little Kylie Jenner feel, a lipstick shade that matches so perfectly and a gloss over the top for some extra juiciness. Aint it just a beaut?

I’ve been wearing this pretty much everyday. It adds a little something without really making any sort of effort. I think this lip combo would also look great on a night out with a really heavy eye. 

(I think its time to get my brows done, wow)

Thats it for today, a little lip lovin’. Do you have a lipstick combo you can’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments below. Hope you’re having a great week & if not don’t worry, its basically the weekend now 😉