Toners. The one skincare step I often miss out of laziness and ‘I don’t actually get what you’re supposed to do and I don’t want to waste my money’. I purchased The Body Shop Aloe Vera Toner on a whim for the cheap price of £8.50 and I couldn’t be more impressed.

I have really sensitive skin, even more so at the moment and this has been an absolute dream to use. Its cooling, calming and soothing as well removing any makeup my cleanser has missed & prepping my skin for my moisturiser. I’m just really impressed.

Toners often contain alcohol which is a no-go area for me, but this one doesn’t. Its also fragrance free so it doesn’t irritate my skin in any way. I have recently had an allergic reaction to something and I was still able to use this which is great.

There honestly isn’t a bad word to say about this. Its affordable, easy to get hold of and great for any skin type. You have to try it.