A few weeks ago I was invited to stay at Every Hotels in Piccadilly, of course I said yes. I really enjoynstaying in hotels, mainly for the breakfast the next day but ssssh lol. I decided to take some pictures and share with you my experience. Every Hotels has just opened (literally the beginning of March) so I was very interested in how my stay was going to be.

Here’s what happened..

Every Hotels ethos is to have pretty much everything you need. Free wifi, no extra charges, mini bar included in the price you pay for your stay, a gym, a smart TV and of course late check out. Every Hotels pretty much covers everything most people want when they fork out morning for a hotel. 

Just a heads up. Theres even a plug socket NEXT TO A MIRROR?! This is probably the first hotel I’ve stayed in that has that. 10 brownie points for that alone.

The first thing I noticed was the bed. It was HIUGE. Bigger than king size. You could’ve literally fit 4 people in there & I was so looking forward to jumping in it after dinner.

The decor was modern & clean. The bathroom was huge and had so much natural light. The shower was just fabulous & it got really hot which surprised me as most hotel showers are luke warm and really crap to use.

The wifi was fast and actually worked. TV signal was great and the mini bar had diet coke so of course – I was completely sold.

A giant mirror with a spot light lamp? Perfect for us ladies.

After we settled in, we glamed ourselves up (outfit here) & headed to the restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant was small, intimate but also relaxing. It had a really nice chilled vibe.

We were allowed to sample the entire menu that is on offer and the bar was also ours too. Simon chose an alcoholic beverage, I did too but ended up with my staple diet coke lol. Im just not a fan of alcohol.. The food was much more interesting to me.

There were lots of options from a caesar salad, to veggie burgers, to pizza. I tried a bit of everything but I didn’t like much apart from the pizza. The food was pretty bog standard & didn’t have much flavour. I suppose its fine for lining your stomach before a night out in central, but for me, it was a little lacking. If I stay out anywhere I sort of expect to eat something that tastes better than my cooking (or my boyfriends lol) and it didn’t. It was okay, but I wasn’t blown away.

Before bed I was craving a hot chocolate so I ordered one from the bar (there isn’t room service) and I got it in a cute little takeaway cup. It was such a nice hot chocolate – really creamy and chocolatey which made me happy. Its the little things right?

Now, the bed is huge & it is super comfy but I did notice a tiny little dip in the middle 🙁 it was in fact 2 single beds pushed together. I was a little disappointed if I’m honest, however it didn’t affect the comfort at all and I slept like an absolute baby. It was probably the best nights sleep I had had in a while.

Breakfast was FAB!! A lot tastier than dinner. It was buffet style and had everything from fruit salads, to croissants to bacon & eggs. It was filling, tasty and a great start to the day. You were also allowed as much as you like which was great for me as I could literally eat the world at breakfast time.

On a whole I really enjoyed my stay. It was sort of ‘budget luxury’. 100% better than Travelodge or Premier Inn, but of course its not the Mondrian or The Hilton. Every Hotels is in the perfect location for nights out, shopping days and anything in between. Free wifi is great for social media addicts like myself, bloggers and business people. An affordable stay that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or quality.

I would definitely recommend!


  1. 23rd March 2015 / 5:51 am

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  2. 23rd March 2015 / 3:22 pm

    That hotel looks amazing!! I love finding new hotels, it means that I need to try it out!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

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