Now, if you didn’t notice, I am a huge foodie. From burgers to steak to pasta – I just can’t get enough. I absolutely love trying out different food from other cultures and today I am bringing you the best Thai food around – in my opinion 😉

My best friend is from Cambodia so she basically takes me all over the country to try ‘authentic’ Thai food. We’ve tried a lot of places and at times have been left completely disappointed. Thai Square is a good one, a must try in fact, but this place is even better.. Giggling Squid (don’t you just love the name)

I’ve been a here a few times now but I recently took a trip with my family for Mother’s Day & we left with very happy & very full bellies.

For starters we tried an array of dishes including Chicken Satay & Pork Dumplings.

All of the food was so flavoursome and delicious. 

My mum was especially happy because everything tasted fresh and non greasy. A lot of Asian restaurants will supply food that is full of oil so she was pleasantly surprised.

For mains I ordered Duck Red Curry which was simply out of this world. It was quite possible my favourite Thai dish I have tried to date. The flavours were just incredible and after cleaning my plate I found myself wanting more. 10/10 from me!

My boyfriend ordered the Cashnew Nut Stir Fry and in his words ‘this is the best thing I have ever had in my mouth ever, its so nice’. Simon is a bit fussy when it comes to food he hasn’t tried before so I was happy he was happy with his choice.

Now, my sisters main course looked the most interesting. Sleeping Honey Duck with Orange Salad. Sounds amazing right? It bloomin tasted amazing too? I may have had a fork full. I can’t even describe how it tasted. It was sweet with a kick, rich but not overpowering and full of flavour. I know I keep saying that but flavour is what we all want and this place just has it.

We each had a portion of sticky rice with our mains (we could’ve shared but our eyes are apparently A LOT bigger than our bellies). Sticky rice is basically glutinous, thick, sticky rice lol, not much more I can say on that one. I often have it when I am at my friend’s house as she cooks it so well. Its my favourite style of rice because you can roll it and dip it into your dish. How authentic?

The vibe was chilled but quaint. I wouldn’t call it a posh restaurant but its definitely not Nandos or Byron. Its nice to just eat decent food and catch up with loved ones.

The prices vary but I feel like they are pretty affordable. You can have a two course meal and a drink for £20. Not bad for what you get at all.

I would really recommend giving this place a try if you love food like me. There is something on the menu for everyone and there are also more daring dishes such as ‘chicken stuffed in squid’.

My experience’s are always lovely here and I can’t wait to go back.