I spend 70% of my life at my desk, the other times I’m in bed or eating lol. I write posts, edit videos, sort through my emails, read my brand briefs, eat & drink here & take photos, the list goes on. My life is go go go & due to basically running my own business, things can get a little stressful. 

Here are the things I keep close by to help me de-stress as I work…

Eye candy – because why not? We all need a little somethin’ something’ to keep us going throughout the day & when my boyfriend isn’t around I miss him so having his picture near me is just a must. (have I made you feel sick lol, I’m sorry)

Pretty makeup to look at – for the days where Simon has annoyed me so looking at him winds me up hahahahaha. Also, for the days where I’m procrastinating greatly and playing around with new makeup is far more interesting than working. Who needs to pay their bills anyway? By the way this is Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock ‘N’ Kohl*

A candle – I light a candle mostly when its a bit cold and grey or I’m up late working. Im a little obsessed with candles at the moment, I literally have 2 – 3 in every room. Candle rehab? I tend to opt for calming candles such as this and this to help relax me when typing really heavily on my keyboard just isn’t enough.

A notepad – An absolute must in my life. Writing lists, notes and ideas down helps to de-stress me when my mind is in a jumble. Putting pen to paper and having the equipment to do so right by your desk is pretty essential in remembering blogging ideas and important things to do. I hate forgetting things.

Post it notes – Another way of writing things down when I can’t find my notepad or I can’t be bothered to open it. Yep, I can be that lazy, especially on Mondays. I use my post it notes to remind me of the REALLY important things like someone’s number, to call my bank or to remind me to pay a bill. That kinda stuff.

Items to blog about – My office is the place I keep all of my ‘items to blog’ including these beautiful MAC lipsticks; Film Noir and Half ‘N’ Half. I have clothes and products strewn everywhere and sometimes I forget what needs mentioning, so occasionally i’ll put the item/s in front of me as an obvious reminder. It doesn’t always work lol.

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream* – I sometimes have what I like to call ‘stress habits’. I either bite my lip or scratch at my cuticles. I often need a hand cream to soften around my nails so I am less likely to pick at them. I hope this isn’t just me lol.

Jurlique Balancing Hydrating Rose Water Mist*There’s something so relaxing about the smell of roses. If I’ve received a really s**t email from someone or i’ve lost all my editing in FCPX, I spray this and sit still for a few minutes. 

EOS Lip Balm*For the days where biting my lips has got out of hand OR the window is wide open due to having a stress hot flush and the cold air is making my lips feel a little chapped.

Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion*The name says it all really. Another product that helps me feel calm & collective. It smells SO good and I like that its a mini version so that I can take it away from the desk if I need too (those meetings where you’re trying really hard to bite your tongue lol). This is my last resort product, so if this fails I’m straight on the phone to Dominoes.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat light hearted post from me today. Please let me know what you do to de-stress whilst you’re on the go?


  1. 11th March 2015 / 1:04 pm

    i always try to put my hand cream and lip balm beside me and also i keep my window open during working .

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