Okay. I’ve always been a pink lip, nude lip, kinda girl. When I delve into my lip product collection, most of my lipsticks are either a subtle pretty pink or a subtle pretty nude. I guess 

I’m a creature of habit right? I’m not sure whats happened to me over the past few weeks but I’ve literally ditched everything and opted for darker nudes or cool toned browns.

I’ve purchased so many new lipsticks recently that are basically all the same colour, but slightly different? I think we can all relate to that statement can’t we lol.

I’ve also been absolutely loving lining my lips too. Maybe Kylie Jenner has rubbed off on me, or I’ve been watching far too many 90s shows. I’m just loving really nude makeup as a whole and I wanted to share with you the two lip products that are stealing the show.

MAC Whirl Liner

MAC Yash Lipstick

If you’ve been keeping up to date with me, you would know that Whirl liner is a recent purchase & I am so bloody happy I finally have my hands (or should I say lips) on it. It really is the perfect shade to line my lips slightly bigger than they naturally are without looking obvious. I just adore it. You can wear it alone, but I find it too drying. It might work with a clear or nude lip gloss though – that combo is now next on my list.

Now, Yash is an oldie but a goodie for me. I’ve had it for well over a year now and at one stage I could not stop talking about it. As time goes on though, you forget about all the products you own don’t you? (please don’t say its just me) Anyway, my friend said to me ‘remember when you were obsessed with Yash’ and it spurred me on to find it and give it a go again..

I now remember why I loved it so much. Its just utterly stunning. A brown/nude that compliments my skin tone so well, without washing me out or looking chalky/ashy. Why did I ever stop using it?

Im just lovin’ a brown lip at the moment & I will definitely be doing a makeup tutorial on it. I think nude & bronzy makeup is so simple, yet so stunning. Its just simplistic & I love that.