A few days before New York I went out for breakfast. It wasn’t too cold, just gloomy but I was excited to chow down on yummy breakfasty foods. 

I did indeed have a mid morning nap after, whoops.

River Island Leather Jacket* | £60.00 (alternative)

ASOS Polo Neck | £18.00

ASOS Boyfriend Jeans | £40.00 (alternative)

ASOS Tote Bag* | £20.00

Topshop Check Shirt | £32.00 (alternative)

Dr Martens | £80.00

So I have been living in my docs recently, and with black ankle socks, I am pretty much the definition of ‘man repellant’ lol. I love the whole masculine vibe even though I don’t think I look masculine at all. 

Have a good day peeps.