(Taken by Simon Brown in Times Square New York City)

So, this time two weeks ago I was walking the streets of New York City in the bitter cold. Some nights the temperature sank to -15, yup, I was well and truly freezing my nips off. I basically wore the same coat, hat & scarf every single day whilst I was there because it was that cold. It snowed twice & with limited items (basically my entire wardrobe was back in the UK lol) this is what I managed to throw together for warmth & style.

Topshop Bobble Hat | £14.00

ASOS Oversized Scarf | £15.00

River Island Coat | £85.00 (on sale)

ASOS Farleigh Jeans | £35.00

River Island Boots | £30.00 (on sale) 

Missguided Holdall Bag | £18.00 (alternative)