As I write this post I am eating vegetable soup 🙁 is it possible to have food withdrawal symptoms because if it is, I am going through exactly that. 

So you’re going to New York and you want to know where to eat? Well look no further, I’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert. 

WARNING. Serious food porn when you click ‘

Im droolin’.. So for breakfast my favourite place I tried on my recent trip was Ruby Tuesdays on 585 7th Avenue. It may be my favourite because it was the very first day, but let me assure you, the food is awesome. I had the bacon & maple syrup pancakes which was absolutely delicious. The pancakes were light and fluffy, yet creamy too? The bacon was just OH SO American, crispy, crunchy and flavoursome. I am never usually a fan of sweet and savoury together but that maple syrup was sweet, sticky and utterly calorific. I want it all over again 🙁 the coffee was pretty decent too (not that I know much about coffee lol) The service was fast, cheerful and relaxed.

Now whilst in New York, lunch was a meal I usually skipped because I had filled up on coffee or doughnuts – healthy I know. On one occasion though I really fancied a sandwich and whilst wandering the streets like lost puppies, myself & Simon stumbled on Guy & Gallard. I won’t lie, it looked appealing simply because it looked warm lol. We popped inside and it was what I can only describe as a posh deli. Italian men cooking up a storm, serving hot and cold food, fresh meats and cheeses, pastries and salads. Droolin yet? I ordered a turkey club sandwich with all the trimmings. It was HUGE (I could only eat one portion of it) tasty, fresh and a real tummy filler. Guy & Gallard is a stop if you want something simple, fresh & quick. Not too pricey either.

Now, this is where things get real, Texas has arrived in NYC and during this particular meal I ended up with a food baby & found myself in a food coma. BBQ Dallas 241 West 42nd Street was recommended to me by a lot of my US followers & after my visit I can see why. Walking in is like a scene out of MAN V FOOD, the vibe is loud & everything I imagine Southern Texas to be. Simon ordered a huge cocktail & a steak. I had a hot dog. The starter of chicken tenders was the best part for both of us. Its like KFC chicken but 100000x better. All the food is finger lickin’ & belly busting. I enjoyed my hot dog but enjoyed Simon’s steak even more. It was INSANELY juicy and flavoursome and the pitta bread underneath coated in steak juices was just…. out of this world. You need a big appetite to visit BBQ Dallas so if you go, make sure you’re extra hungry.

You wanna try the best cheesecake in all of America? (big statement but I know my cheesecake lol) Then you need to visit Juniors in Brooklyn. Again, this was recommended to me and again, I can see why. Fresh, GIANT, home made cheesecake in a variety of flavours? You just can’t beat it can you? Simon and I tried the strawberry and raspberry whirl one and words can’t explain. You know when the biscuit base is just the right consistency and the actual cheesecake is thick and gloopy and when you bite it into it, it falls so perfectly in your mouth? If you visit NYC and you love cheesecake, there is no question – Juniors, Brooklyn has to be on your list. I will never forget that place, NEVER lol.

So thats 4 places in New York City that I recommend you try. I had an amazing trip and the food played a massive part in that. I would love to go back and sample some other eatery’s. Any recommendations?