I try and make my Sunday Strength posts positive, uplifting and inspiring, but every so often a girl needs to rant & that day is TODAY. I have pretty thick skin & being “known” on social networking sites has played a significant part in that. Hateful & negative comments is just what comes along with any form of success, especially on the internet. ‘You’re fat’, ‘ew I hate your brows’ & ‘I really don’t think your hair suits you’ are just some of the comments I get on a regular basis. Now, I was bullied when I was younger, picked on, was called names & I never thought I would still be ridiculed for the way I looked, 8 years after leaving school lol, but thats just the way it goes. However, I wanted to address the people who call me names, send me negative comments & genuinely make me feel like poop on the odd occasion, so here goes..

‘You can’t fix yourself, by breaking someone else..’ The hate and negativity you project on to me is how you really feel about yourself & that genuinely makes me feel sad for you. But no, I don’t feel sorry for you, not one bit. I just wish you knew another way to channel all that anger inside of you. Im a strong person & I’ve freaking learnt the hard way to love myself, so who or what gives you the right to TRY and bring me down? I stick up for myself and defend myself but I never pick on you for the way you look do I? Not once have I stooped to your level and made you feel ugly or like you’re not good enough and why? Because I know better. Words can indeed hurt but I will never ever ever let you break me, I love myself far too much for that. Whatever is happening in your life for you to want to make me feel bad, I hope it stops, I hope you can find happiness. Picking on me, calling me fat, calling me ugly, will not help you in anyway. Use the energy you waste messaging me on something else – maybe trying to love yourself so much that you don’t even have time to send me hate? Remember, I was once the insecure, broken little girl too. 

PS – To my readers, I needed to say this because its been on my mind. I ignore negativity normally but on the odd occasion, people who want to hurt me and bring me down need to be told that it isn’t ok. I hope this post inspires someone, anyone out there, to either stand up to the people who make you feel like poop OR quit sending hate!!! Whatever position you are in, please remember ‘You get back whatever you put into this world, good or bad’..

Happy Sunday!


  1. 30th November 2014 / 10:10 am

    So if someone tells you they don't like your eyebrows, what they actually mean is that they don't like their own eyebrows . Got it lol

  2. 30th November 2014 / 1:52 pm

    You're always an inspiration 🙂 My school years were like that but finally at university I found a very nice group of friends who love me the way I am 🙂

  3. 30th November 2014 / 4:50 pm

    Very true, let's hope people listen!
    Hannah x

  4. 30th November 2014 / 5:12 pm

    love this and so inspirational!!

  5. 30th November 2014 / 7:05 pm

    You re awesome Gracie! Hope I can meet you one day!

  6. 30th November 2014 / 9:35 pm

    One thing that kept me going is the phrase " they'll talk about you for what you do or don't do, live for yourself and no one else" you may get hate but I'm sure you tons more love
    cheer up buttercup!!!

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