It’s impossible for me to not buy a pair of shoes if I love them & when I saw these it was love at first sight. I had my eye on these for ages.. I was going to order them online, then didn’t. I even tried them on in store, but decided against them. I then went to order them online again, but didn’t, however last weekend I finally caved. At £30.00 they’re a complete bargain so I’m not totally sure why I didn’t buy them sooner but I’m glad they’re finally mine. These babies are perfect – the colour, the heel height, the fit & the price, I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of these. These are such lovely heels for winter, closed enough so your feet are warm, but open enough to show a little heelage 😉 I could stare at these for hours. For all my black shoe lovers, don’t fret – they come in that colour too.


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