I basically wear the same outfit everyday of my life don’t I? Ive become a little obsessed with this gilet, hat and boots. I wear them all the time because they just fit so perfectly into my wardrobe! Im not usually a fan of pink clothing but I also pretty much love this shirt too.

I went to an event recently in Topman and I wanted to be stylish, cute and comfy – so this is what I went for.

Monki Hat | £25.00

ASOS Gilet (unavailable, alternative) | £40.00

Boohoo Tee | £10.00

Urban Outfitters Checked Shirt (different colour) | £35.00

ASOS Farleigh Jeans | £35.00

Boohoo Bag* | £20.00

Primark Boots (unavailable online, alternative) | £34.99

Grace x


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