So. I haven’t been here since 15th October, eeeeeek. Things have been a little freaking crazzzyyyy for me & I’ve had no time to do pretty much anything. Since winning my Cosmo Blog Award I have been non stop on the go, I even signed a management deal with Triple A Media!!! Before I give you an update I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me – whether it be for years, months or weeks. I never imagined my life would turn out this way & I am literally so so happy. Everything I’ve ever wanted is finally coming together but none of it would be possible if it wasn’t for all of you being here. Lets all raise our morning mugs of tea or coffee and have a toast 🙂

1. It was recently body confidence week and we all know that is something I am particularly passionate about. Im hoping next year I can have my own event for it, but for now I just try to raise awareness etc. My own body confidence journey is on going but I have come so far. I used to HATE my body & although it isn’t where I want it to be – I still love it now & thats a great achievement for me. I posted this picture on Instagram to spread some body positivity. My tummy area is one of my biggest problem areas and I never show my belly unless I’m wearing something high waisted. For me to upload this picture, it was sort of like a big ‘F U’ to anyone who ever called me fat & also to my old self for hating who I was for so long. I wish we could all embrace ourselves for what we are RIGHT now & love ourselves anyway. I have stretch marks on my belly too & guess what? Im still fucking proud. (soz for swearing)

2. Around a week ago I went to a Witch Skincare event held at the Mondrian Hotel in Central London. We were lucky enough to be able to stay over night at the hotel too & bring plus ones. I ended up taking Simon and it was nice to spend some time together in a stunning bedroom. Our room was so modern & fresh. The funky decor and layout was right up my street & the chips we ordered with room service were some of the best chips I have ever tasted. It was such a lovely event and I got to hang out with some of my favourite bloggers! Thanks Witch!

3. I have always wanted lilac hair. Pastel colours seem to always be on trend so I thought.. why not fade out my bright hair? So thats what I did. I just washed my hair 3x to get this affect and I love it!!! It was multi tonal which I loved the most and with my curls – I felt very pin up girl. PS – I am forever pulling faces aren’t I?

4. I recently did some filming with Look Fantastic up in Cheshire & for dinner they took me to this gorgeous little Italian place called Gusto’s. Italian food is one of my favourites and I normally stick to the same thing – Carbonara or anything involving pesto. However, when I saw ‘Hoisin Duck Pizza’ on the menu, I was sold. This pizza was so delicious I couldn’t even speak & it was the BEST pizza I have had!!!! It was like Chinese food on a pizza – can things get anymore perfect? I doubt it.

5. I seem to change my hair all the time, but I just get bored of my own look, is anyone else like that? I’m actually going back to blonde/caramel hair soon but the pink/lilac hair just wasn’t me anymore – I missed huge, diva hair. So I had my ombre wig re-installed temporarily & I forgot how massive it was but I love it. I feel a lot more ethnic with this hair & it also makes me feel more confident when my arms are out. (I hate my arms so much blah blah blaaaaah) lol.

6. It was Mary’s birthday a few weeks back and my present to her was to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria, but we obviously took this opportunity to indulge in food beforehand. Beckie at Look Fantastic also came with us & we decided to try The Big Easy because American BBQ food is right up our street! I had the ribs with Mac & Cheese and it was freakinnnnnn fantastic. I also recommend their frozen margarita’s – so fresh! I have already re-booked another visit in the next few weeks because it was that good. You have to try it!

7. I just needed to share with you my new love – this STUNNING Gossard bra from Bra Stop. I wore this out as a top recently, but it is in fact a bra. I was sent this by the wonderful team at Bra Stop & I am seriously in love with it. Its so flattering and comfortable – as well as sexy and eye catching. I think I need it in every colour. Tell me I do? TELL ME I DO haha

8. I decided a few days ago that I needed new makeup.. I haven’t had a makeup splurge for ages & on my recent trip to MAC, I couldn’t hold myself back. I went a little crazy but it was fun. Don’t you just love swatches haha.