I seem to only blog outfits when I am dressed up, going out for dinner or going to a club. My life on here looks so interesting but it really isn’t haha. Most days when I’m working I will be in my pj’s or trackies, however on this day I had errands to run and a meeting so I thought I would make a little effort.. Notice the world little. I literally threw on a pair of jeans, a crop top & my Birkenstocks which I forgot to wear for this photo haha. This was also the first day I had worn makeup & got dressed in normal clothes after having my hair done. I was excited to see how my makeup and outfits would look with blonde hair. One word springs to mind, LOVE. I haven’t been blonde in a long time & I haven’t been this blonde in forever. I’ve needed a change for a while now & I’m so happy with my new locks. In a few weeks I think I may also try out some dip dye in a blue or pink shade. Thoughts? I just love experimenting and having fun. Im a little obsessed with my new hair 🙂

New Look Striped Crop | £6.99

Asos Farleigh Jeans | £38.00