This week has been mental health awareness week so for Sunday Strength today, I thought I would touch a little on that subject. It is widely known through the blogging and Youtube community that I have & still do suffer with mental health problems. I am very fortunate to have come out the other end & I will raise awareness and speak about mental health until the day I die. Thousands and thousands of people suffer in silence due to the fear of being judged & the stigma behind it. I am here to be a voice for those people who are still struggling with their problems.

I believe in therapy, counselling, impatient units and day centres etc etc but I also believe a little in self help. The mind is a powerful thing and if we change the way we think, we can literally change our lives. Learning to think positively & doing things that make you feel good are just some of the things I do to feel happiness.

A year out of therapy my friend Tiffany and I met up and she came baring gifts. (It was close to my birthday at the time). Tiffany has helped me through my hardest times & she is literally my guardian angel. She was my rock for many many months and when I felt like giving up, she would remind me of all the reasons why I should carry on. One of the gifts Tiff got me was a jar, full of quotes and small tasks that can help me stay positive.

Whenever I need a pick me up or I want to feel inspired, I reach for ‘my jar of happiness’. It is such a small thing but with BIG results. It is amazing what words can do to the mind & it is even more amazing what the mind can do when these words become thoughts, and then these thoughts become actions. Everyone needs support, & everyone needs to smile. If you’re struggling with depression, or anxiety, or you know someone who is, try this. I think everyone deserves a little jar of happiness. Don’t you?